'World of Dance' Season 2, Episode 11 Duels Recap and Results: Which Dancers Moved On To The Cut?

"World of Dance" Duels round 3 begins tonight. Find out which dancers were eliminated and which move on to The Cut, here.

World of Dance Duels rounds continue Wednesday, Aug. 8 at 8 p.m. EDT as more acts pair up to compete for a spot in The Cut. Last week was intense as 14 acts competed for a spot in the Cut and the judges awarded their first ever perfect score to contemporary duo Charity & Andres.

If you aren't familiar with how the Duels work, the highest-scoring acts in each of the four divisions (Junior, Junior Team, Upper, Upper Team) choose their opponents. Each act performs for judges who submit their scores based off their five-point scoring system. The team with the highest average will move on to the next round, The Cut, and the losing act is eliminated.

During the Qualifiers, 56 acts scored an 80 or above, making them eligible to move on to the Duels. Tonight marks the third night of mass eliminations, with only one more week of Duels to follow.

As soon as tonight's show kicks off, we'll add live updates and recap information. In the meantime, if you missed last week's Duels, you can check out a rundown of which acts moved forward and which were eliminated here. Or, to see all acts that made it through the Qualifiers to the Duels, check out our complete list, here.

Duels 3 Recap & Results: Which Acts Made The Cut? Which Were Eliminated?

Jaxon willard World, dance, 2018, divisional finals recap, results, who, left, eliminated, season, 2, episode, 15, tonight, who went home winner won
WORLD OF DANCE Season: 2 -- Pictured: Jaxon Willard Andrew Eccles/NBC

Duel #1: Jaxon Willard vs. Lucas Marinetto (Junior)

The first Duel of the evening pitted contemporary Dancer Jaxon Willard against Tap dancer Lucas Marinetto. Both dancers brought their all, and while Lucas' routine was highly entertaining, in the end, Willard's emotionality and ability to connect with the audience won the day.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

Lucas Marinetto

  • Ne-Yo: 86.0
  • Jennifer: 89.0
  • Derek: 89.0
  • Final Score: 88

Jaxon Willard

  • Ne-Yo: 97.0
  • Jennifer: 98.0
  • Derek: 93.0
  • Final Score: 96.0

Jaxon Willard will move on to The Cut

Duel #2: Poreotics vs. Marissa and the Heartbreakers (Upper Group)

poreotics World, dance, 2018 season 2 episode 15 recap, results divisional finals who, left, eliminated, cut, tonight, went, home, won
WORLD OF DANCE Season 2: Poreotics NBC

Marissa and the Heartbreakers performed first and while the judges found it impressive that the entire routine was performed in heels and showcased the girls' incredible flexibility, there were times when Jennifer felt the routine came off a little "wobbly."

The Poreotics, meanwhile, brought an entertaining routine the built to a strong ending, but it was a bit slow getting to the high points. "You've got to take advantage of the whole time you're up there," said Ne-Yo. "You can't take that long to get to the good stuff."

The Judges' scores were as follows:

Marissa and the Heartbreakers

  • Ne-Yo: 81.0
  • Jennifer: 85.0
  • Derek: 85.0
  • Final Score: 83.7


  • Ne-Yo: 86.0
  • Jennifer: 89.0
  • Derek: 88.0
  • Final Score: 87.7

The Poreotics will move on to The Cut.

Duel #3: Jonas & Ruby vs. Freshh (Junior)

World of dance season 2 episode 14 the cut 2 recap live blog results ballroom dancers junior Jonas and Ruby divisional finals
Jonas and Ruby (Junior) (Photo by: Andrew Eccles/NBC)

This match-up pitted the Ballroom style of Jonas and Ruby against the Hip-Hop moves of the Freshh quad.

Jonas and Ruby's routine was beyond hot, with a mixture of tango styles that changed as often as the dancer's clothing did. The moves were executed with precision and sophistication. This will be a hard routine to beat.

Freshh hit the ground running, with an action-packed routine that featured impressive and well-synchronized choreography from the second it began. Jennifer said the routine had great crowd appeal and the judges agreed their performance was greatly elevated from the last time they were on stage.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

Jonas & Ruby

  • Ne-Yo: 90.0
  • Jennifer: 90.0
  • Derek: 94.0
  • Final Score: 91.3


  • Ne-Yo: 90.0
  • Jennifer: 88.0
  • Derek: 86.0
  • Final Score: 88

Jonas and Ruby will move on to The Cut.

Duel #4: Pursuit vs. The Ruggeds (Upper Team)

the ruggeds world of dance season 2 episode 15 recap results divisional finals breakdance b boys who went home stayed eliminated world finals season finale winner
The Ruggeds Andrew Eccles/NBC

B-Boy team The Ruggeds were up first and there were plenty of flips, jumps, and tricks to keep crowd and judges alike entertained. The judges applauded the group's athleticism but felt the actual dancing needed to be stronger.

Pursuit meanwhile, stepped out of their Contemporary style and incorporated some Hip-Hop moves. The performance was a little too abstract and disjointed and the judges didn't feel it was the team's best work.

The Judges' scores were as follows:


  • Ne-Yo: 80.0
  • Jennifer: 84.0
  • Derek: 83.0
  • Final Score: 82.3

The Ruggeds

  • Ne-Yo: 85.0
  • Jennifer: 84.0
  • Derek: 85.0
  • Final Score: 84.7

The Ruggeds will move on to The Cut.

Duel #5: Dem Raider Boyz vs. Flip vs. Cubcakes Dance Crew (Junior Team)

flip waacking world of dance season 2 episode 13 the cut 1 results recap who won who went home tonight scores dancers
Flip NBC

This Duel featured the three remaining bottom teams from the Junior division.

Though the judges were skeptical of Flip's ability to bring something unique to their waacking routine, the girls really brought it this evening with a routine that was powerful and complex.

Next up was Dem Raider Boyz. The judges thought they improved from the last performance, but it'll be hard to beat Flip.

Last was the Cubcakes Dance Crew. The team performed fiercely, despite the injury of a teammate just before they went on stage.

The Judges' scores were as follows:


  • Ne-Yo: 90.0
  • Jennifer: 88.0
  • Derek: 93.0
  • Final Score: 90.3

Dem Raider Boyz

  • Ne-Yo: 86.0
  • Jennifer: 84.0
  • Derek: 86.0
  • Final Score: 85.3

Cubcakes Dance Crew

  • Ne-Yo: 88.0
  • Jennifer: 88.0
  • Derek: 88.0
  • Final Score: 88.0

Flip will move on to The Cut.

Duel #6: Connection vs. Funky Wunks (Upper Team)

connection dancers Chihuahua Mexico hip hop  World, of, dance, season 2, episode, 14, the cut 2 recap, results tonight, 2018, dancers, funkywunks hip hop Orlando Florida
Connection (Upper Team) Trae Patton/NBC

The last Duel of the night pits 3rd place Hip-Hop group Connection against 6th place Hip-Hop team FunkyWunks.

The Judges' scores were as follows.


  • Ne-Yo: 85.0
  • Jennifer: 86.0
  • Derek: 85.0
  • Final Score: 85.3


  • Ne-Yo: 84.0
  • Jennifer: 85.0
  • Derek: 86.0
  • Final Score: 85.0

Connection will move on to The Cut.

When Does 'World of Dance' Air Next?

World, dance, 2018, duels, 3, recap, results, who, left, eliminated, cut, season, 2, episode, 11, tonight, went, home, won, what, time, come, on, watch
World of Dance now airs Wednesday evenings at its new time, 9pm EDT. NBC

World of Dance returns for the final round of the Duels on Wednesday, Aug. 15 at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC. You can also stream the show the day after it airs on Hulu and NBC.com.

'The Duels' 1 & 2 Results: Which Acts Made it to The Cut so Far?

charity and Andres World, dance, 2018, season 2, episode 15,  divisional finals recap, results, who, left, eliminated, tonight, divisional, finals, went, home, perfect 100 score couple contemporary dance win winners world final
Charity and Andres managed a perfect score of three 100s during The Duels. The couple will now move on to the World Finals on September 12. Andrew Eccles/NBC

Made The Cut

  • The Lab (Junior Team)
  • Alisha and Joseph (Upper)
  • Desi Hoppers (Upper)
  • Sean and Kaycee (Junior)
  • Lock and LOL Crew (Upper Team)
  • MarInspired (Upper Team)
  • Charity and Andres (Junior)
  • Karen y Ricardo (Upper)
  • Expressenz (Junior Team)
  • BDash & Konkrete (Upper)
  • The Fabulous Sister (Junior Team)
  • Michael Dameski (Upper)
  • The Bradas (Upper Team)
  • Avery & Marcus (Junior)


  • Lil Killaz Crew (Junior Team)
  • Electro Botz (Upper)
  • Opus Dance Collective (Upper)
  • 3 Xtreme (Junior)
  • Royal Flux (Upper Team)
  • Dragon House (Upper Team)
  • Vivian Ruiz (Junior)
  • Luka & Jenalyn (Upper)
  • Untouchables (Junior Team)
  • Pasha & Daniella (Upper)
  • Rascals (Junior Team)
  • Angyil (Upper)
  • The Jam Project (Upper Team)
  • Eva Igo (Junior)
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