'America's Worst Fireplace' Unites Haters After Snap Goes Viral: 'Horrific'

A fireplace is usually a focal feature of the home, with grand and ornate styles from yesteryear often in high demand with the price-tag to match.

But chances are this fire pit may impact the home's asking price, after it was dubbed "America's worst fireplace."

A snap of the bizarre layout has gone viral after being shared across Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and various Instagram accounts.

The image shows one side of a room, which has a large brick chimney breast, flanked by two alcoves. But it seems the house has undergone some re-modeling since the fireplace was installed, as the roof is now pitched at an off-center angle.

The right-hand side features built-in wooden cabinetry, with horizontal and vertical lines, while there's also empty space at the top and bottom, with the brick detail continuing on the floor—only on one side.

To the left there's more cabinetry, which isn't symmetrical in the slightest, with what appears to be a built-in desk beneath a mounted TV.

But the worst crimes are possibly in the middle, with what appears to be an original mantel on the chimney breast, off-center, and not attached to the modern fireplace. Which, judging by the cord running from it, suggests it's electric.

Sharing the monstrosity to their account @yeoldedad on Friday, Shoegaze Dad wrote: "folks I give you America's worst fireplace."

It amassed more than 66,000 likes, as he added: "People say America is divided, but I think we can all unite around hating whatever this is."

folks I give you america's worst fireplace pic.twitter.com/GxT5n7VJvu

— Shoegaze Dad 🇵🇭 (@yeoldedad) October 29, 2021

The snap was shared to viral Instagram account @pleasehatethesethings, dedicated to "absurd, ugly & just plain stupid things in home design," where it racked up 25,000 likes.

They shared the photo on Sunday, captioning it: "Happy Halloween'ish, because this is terrifying."

It's thought the house is currently on the market, as Fine Designs & Interiors by Melinda Peters Elliott shared the snap in October to Facebook, clarifying: "This showed up today in one of my design groups... oh Migosh! Don't do this kind of stuff!! Call me in if it's complicated like this!!

"This is a house going up on the market in one of the states. I have design friends all over !"

Popular Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild shared @yeoldedad's tweet to their site on Sunday as well, saying: "This is the worst thing I've ever seen."

It amassed more than 100,000 likes, as people overwhelmingly branded it "horrific," and painful to look at.

Commenting on Twitter, Captain Truth wrote: "In my job as a contractor I've built some elaborate walk-in closet shelving for my customers, & I swear those shelves on the right look like they're for shoes, which leads me to ask... WTF??? Also, this entire thing makes my head hurt."

Pam Watson commented: "Lots to mention here but taking away some things would at least make what can't be easily fixed better. Remove the mantel. This makes the whole construction, lopsided. Removed the desk, it can't be used like this. Remove the carpet under the firewood holder."

NarcoLlama- Son of Gowron thought: "Yeah you need some kind of custom asymmetric cool looking carved mantle and surround to make this not look like an abomination against nature."

Going into detail, Dr. Ohm said: "Okay we need to vote on this, what is worst 1. Janky desk 2. What are those on the right side 3. Random mantel 4. Right-justified 5. The cord coming from the fireplace, so cozy 6. What is that along the top and why."

ConnieG pointed out: "The fireplace being off-center is the worst because it can't be fixed without totally destroying the whole thing. That needs to happen, thus eliminating the janky desk and all the other issues. Horrific."

Blonde and insufferable reckoned: "I think what's disturbing me most is the position of the tv like, what is the layout of this room overall that THAT is a position that makes sense for the TV."

While commenting on Instagram, Kane_fitness declared: "I can't look at this."

Serenity_bridal admitted: "This actually hurts my eyes."

The coronavirus pandemic has seemingly inspired more people to get on the housing ladder, Statista revealed.

"According to a survey among U.S. adults, 28 percent of Millennials were more interested in buying a home due to the coronavirus pandemic compared to 13 percent who were less interested," they said.

In 2020 the average price of a new home was $389,400, which rose to $408,800 the following year.

Newsweek reached out to @yeoldedad, @pleasehatethesethings and Zillow Gone Wild for comment.

File photo of a fireplace.
File photo of a fireplace. A snap on social media has been branded "America's worst fireplace" for its unsymmetrical look. tab1962/Getty Images

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