WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results: What is Stephanie McMahon's Big Announcement?

Monday Night RAW commissioner Stephanie McMahon took to Twitter over the weekend to hype a "historic" announcement on the July 23 episode. We don't know what the announcement will be, but speculation centers on the women's division -- the possible introduction of midcard or tag team belts, or mayble an all-woman's pay-per-view.

As for the rest of the evening, Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley will have a rematch from their Extreme Rules 2018 bout to determine who will go on to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam for the Universal Championship. Will Lashley use his MMA background to go up against The Beast or will Reigns get yet another shot at Lesnar for his title?

In the RAW Tag Team division, The Deleters of Worlds (Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy) have invoked their rematch clause to take on The B-Team (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel) to get their titles back. Will Dallas and Axel continue their winning streak or will they be deleted?

There's a lot set to happen on the July 23 edition of Monday Night RAW, here's every result and happening during the show.


Opening Segment

  • The entire WWE locker room is present on the ramp while Vince McMahon, in the ring, introduces Stephanie and Triple H.
  • Triple H acknowledges all the WWE Superstars from all brands, including RAW, SmackDown Live, NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live who are represented on the ramp.
  • Triple H then asks all the women on the stage to step forward and says that the men and the WWE Universe support them in everything they've done.
  • On Oct. 28, over 50 women from the past and present will participate in an event called Evolution and will be the first all-woman's pay-per-view at Nassau Coliseum.
  • The RAW Women's, NXT Women's, SmackDown LIve Women's Championship and the Mae Young Classic Finals will take place at the show.


  • The B-Team have a locker room heart-to-heart before the match. They go out to face the Deleters of Worlds, but return once they realize they forgot their belts.

Elias Segment

  • Before Elias can get into his song, Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy interrupt him.

Bray Wyatt/Matt Hardy vs B-Team (c) - RAW Tag Team Championship Match

  • B-Team wins via pinfall after Bo Dallas throws Bray Wyatt into Matt Hardy allowing for Axel to roll him up.
  • After the match, Hardy and Wyatt attack the B-Team.

Finn Balor/Corbin Segment

  • Finn and Gable see Balor's things being moved backstage. They ask one of the stagehands, who says Corbin ordered them to move the stuff into Finn's new locker room, which is a small doghouse.
  • Corbin appears to joke on Finn, but Balor says that he loves it.

Sasha Banks/Bayey Interview

  • Both are ready to be on the same page with the announcement of Evolution.

Bayley/Sasha Banks vs Local Enhancement Talent

  • Banks/Bayley win via Submission after Sasha puts on the Bank Statement.

Braun Strowman Promo

  • Braun interrupts Elias.
  • He congratulates all the women for the opportunity at Evolution, especially Alexa Bliss.
  • Braun doesn't care It doesn't matter who faces who at SummerSlam, because he has the Money in the Bank.
  • Kevin Owens comes out and says that he wanted to be friends with Strowman because his son wanted to be like Nicholas and partner with Braun.
  • Owens says he won their cage match at Extreme Rules. He plans to take everything from him. Corbin comes out, followed by Jinder Mahal.
  • Mahal goes into the ring to help Strowman. He's been appointed to help Braun find inner peace. Braun acknowledges his temper, then decimates both Jinder and Sunil Singh.

Mickie James (with Alexa Bliss) vs Natalya

  • Mickie James wins via pinfall after Alexa gets involved, allowing James to land a kick.

Roman Reigns Interview

  • Reigns says he will beat Lashley for the first time; he doesn't care about the boos. He calls himself the most decorated Superstar of this generation; people need to just get used to it. He vows to beat Lashley and go on to SummerSlam to defeat Lesnar.

Authors of Pain Segment

  • AoP interrupts Elias and declares that they want competition other than Titus Worldwide. Titus Worldwide comes out and Apollo says that AoP needs to respect Titus. AoP says that Titus can walk away and retire, which causes the two teams to brawl. Titus Worldwide stands tall.


  • Kurt Angle talks to Stephanie and he says he's proud to be RAW GM.
  • Corbin and KO approach and Stephanie asks if Owens is OK. Kevin says he's not and Corbin accuses Angle of losing control of the show.
  • KO wants to face Braun Strowman at SummerSlam. If Owens wins, he gets Strowman's MITB briefcase. Angle says it's absurd, but Stephanie makes it official.

Tyler Breeze vs Mojo Rawley

  • Mojo wins via pinfall after a sidown Alabama Slam.

Finn Balor vs Drew McIntyre

  • Finn interrupts Elias.
  • Balor wins via DQ after Ziggler knocked Finn off the ropes in front of the referee.
  • Ziggler and McIntyre take down Finn after the match but Seth Rollins comes in for the save.
  • Angle comes out and restarts the bout as a tag team match.

Balor/Rollins vs McIntyre/Ziggler

  • Rollins/Balor win via pinfall after Seth his Ziggler with a Stomp.

Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan

  • Sarah Logan was barred from ringside before the match.
  • Moon wins via pinfall after an Eclipse.


  • Seth Rollins met with Angle to set a match against Ziggler for the IC Title at SummerSlam.

Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley

  • Angle interrupts Elias. The latter performs a song from his album, but before he can finish, Bobby Lashley comes out.
  • Reigns defeats Lashley via pinfall after a Spear.
  • Lashley shakes Reigns' hand afterwards.