WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results: What Happened at the SummerSlam 2018 Go-Home Show?

It's Monday Night RAW's SummerSlam go-home show and fans of the WWE will be treated to some storyline progression heading into the second biggest event of the year, including a title match.

According to WWE.com, the B-Team will defend their RAW Tag Team Championships against The Revival and The Deleter of Worlds. The B-Team had a match against The Revival last week, where they were interrupted by Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy. It seems the former Tag Champs are looking to regain their titles before SummerSlam.

Finn Balor and Constable Baron Corbin will also be in action tonight, but in separate matches. Before their bout at SummerSlam, Balor and Corbin will go one-on-one with different opponents so the two don't hurt each other before then.

Fallout from Ronda Rousey's first match on RAW last week will be addressed tonight. We're also hoping for more information about Paul Heyman's mysterious interview with Renee Young. Speaking of Young, she'll be filling in for Jonathan Coachman as guest commentator during tonight's show.

Here's all the results and happenings from the Aug. 13 edition of Monday Night RAW.


Opening Segment

  • Ronda Rousey comes out to speak on Jim Neidhart's passing on behalf of Natalya.
  • Rousey says that she will defend Natalya because Alexa Bliss continues to cheat against her. Rousey boasts she will become the new RAW Women's Champion at SummerSlam and announces Ember Moon as Bliss' opponent for the night.
  • Bliss comes out with Alicia Fox and says that she spoke with Constable Baron Corbin to give the RAW Women's Champion personal security against Ronda.

Ember Moon (with Ronda Rousey) vs Alexa Bliss (with Alicia Fox)

  • Before the match, Alexa hits Ember Moon into Ronda. Rousey runs into the ring but is stopped by the private security team. Rousey takes out the security and Alicia Fox who tries to protect Bliss.
  • Ember Moon wins via DQ after Alica Fox breaks up a pin.
  • Ronda Rousey comes in and delivers three Judo Flips in a row to Fox.


  • In Kurt Angle's office, Corbin and Angle are arguing over how Baron went over his head to Stephanie McMahon to give Alexa Bliss private security. Corbin says he can't stay there to argue because he has a match and leaves.
  • Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre show up and say that Seth Rollins hasn't show up to the arena yet for his contract signing for the IC match at SummerSlam.
  • Angle says that Rollins will show up and tells Dolph to get ready for the contract signing later in the night.

Constable Baron Corbin vs Tyler Breeze

  • Corbin wins via pinfall after a Deep Six.
  • After the match, Corbin says that this match is an example of what he's going to do to Balor at SummerSlam. He then announces Balor's opponent for the night, Jinder Mahal.
  • Corbin says that Balor's match will also be a handicap match and announces that Kevin Owens is his other opponent.

Jinder Mahal and Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor and Braun Strowman

  • Before the match, Kurt Angle comes out and explains that he has made the handicap match into a tag team match with Braun Strowman as Balor's teammate.
  • Strowman/Balor wins via pinfall after Braun hit Jinder with a Powerslam.
  • After the match, Strowman runs after Kevon Owens and while Balor's back is turned, Corbin hits him with the End of Days.


  • Angle is seen trying to reach Seth Rollins on his phone but he doesn't pick up.
  • Ziggler and McIntyre come in and says that if Rollins doesn't show up to sign the contract then the IC match at SummerSlam will be cancelled.

Elias Segment

  • A "local musician" named Ricky Roberts comes out to say that his favorite musician is Elias and he hopes to one day meet him.
  • Elias interrupts and says that there's only one Elias and if he wants to impress him, he will beat Bobby Lashley. Elias then puts himself over.
  • Bobby Lashley interrupts Elias and gets into the ring to face Roberts and when he turns his back, Roberts hits Lashley with the guitar but Bobby puts him away with a slam.


  • Bo Dallas is seen doing math in the locker room and tells Curtis Axel that their odds of winning are lower than before.
  • Axel says that math didn't help them capture the RAW Tag Team Championships, their teamwork did.

Bray Wyatt/Matt Hardy vs The Revial vs The B-Team (c) - RAW Tag Team Championship Match

  • B-Team wins via pinfall after Axel tags himself in after The Revival hit Bray Wyatt with the Shatter Machine.

Roman Reigns Segment

  • Reigns says that he wants to make the WWE a better place than when he started but can't with Brock Lesnar around so it's time for Lesnar to go.
  • Reigns says he will take the Universal Championship at SummerSlam and send Lesnar back to the UFC with "his head up Dana White's ass."
  • Paul Heyman interrupts Roman and says Reigns is the future of the top division on RAW. Heyman reiterates what he said to Renee Young last week as he walked out of the interview ("Roman can't beat Brock unless ... " ) and says that the "unless" he mentioned was that he'd give Roman all of Lesnar's secrets. He says that if he's in Roman's corner, Reigns will become Universal Champion.
  • Roman says he doesn't need Heyman because he already beat Brock in Saudi Arabia.
  • Heyman holds out his hand after making a pitch to Roman to become his advocate but Roman says that he's been groomed to be in this position. He recognizes when someone is drowning and Paul is drowning.
  • Heyman says that he's known Roman's family for years and hands him a written proposition. When Roman is distracted Heyman sprays him with pepper spray.
  • Brock Lesnar appears from the back and lays into a defenseless Reigns.

Bobby Roode/Apollo Crews/Titus vs Authors of Pain/Mojo Rawley

  • Roode/Titus/Apollo win via pinfall after Roode hits Mojo with the Glorious DDT.

Sasha Banks (with Bayley) vs Ruby Riott (with Sara Logan and Liv Morgan)

  • Riott wins via pinfall after rolling up Sasha, who was distracted by the Riott Squad.

Intercontinental Championship Contract Signing

  • Before the signing, Kurt Angle addresses Brock Lesnar's attack on Roman Reigns. He says he won't suspend or strip the title from him because he wants Roman to win the belt and bring it back to RAW.
  • Angle is interrupted by Ziggler and McIntyre who ask if the IC belt will be defended on Sunday. Angle calls for Seth but he doesn't show.
  • McIntyre says that they respect Seth and they formed their alliance to change the culture of the locker room.
  • Ziggler signs the contract just before Seth Rollins shows up. Rollins says he was actually in the arena all night and wanted to wait until Ziggler signed the contract.
  • Rollins says since Ziggler has McIntyre in his corner, he should have someone in his.
  • Dean Ambrose appears for the first time since his injury nine months ago, and the two Shield brothers clear the ring.