WWE Monday Night RAW Results: Beth Phoenix to Address Edge and Randy Orton Tonight

It's the first Monday Night RAW after the Super Showdown event in Saudi Arabia and the go-home to the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on Sunday so fans should expect an action-packed installment of the WWE's flagship show.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is scheduled for tonight's RAW in the Barclay's Center. He's set to go head-to-head against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36 in Tampa. Will the two meet in the ring a month ahead of their fated showdown? It's unclear what both men will do before 'Mania, but we can learn more about it tonight on RAW.

Edge made a miraculous return to the ring at the Royal Rumble, but Randy Orton made short work of his former tag partner the next day. Beth Phoenix, WWE Hall of Famer and wife of Edge, is scheduled to appear on RAW tonight. What she has to say about her husband and Randy Orton is unknown, but it'll likely be explosive.

Andrade made his return at Super Showdown and is scheduled to have a tag team match against Rey Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo. In Andrade's corner is Carrillo's cousin Angel Garza who Zelina Vega has managed while "El Idolo" has been suspended. Will Andrade and Garza continue their dominance over their rivals or will the faces get one on the heels?

What was supposed to a dream match in the making, Shayna Baszler was set to take on Asuka in one-on-one action. Both women are the most dominant NXT champions of all-time and both will be in the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday. However, due to a minor injury Kairi Sane will take Asuka's place in the match.

Sane and Baszler have tremendous history dating back to the first Mae Young Classic, but what will be the next chapter in their rivalry?

In a rematch from Super Showdown, The Street Profits will take on Seth Rollins and Murphy for the RAW Tag Team Championships. Rollins and Murphy escaped Saudi Arabia with the titles, but Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins feel tonight is their night as they try to capture their first championships on RAW.

A lot is expected to go down tonight. Here's everything that happened on the March 2 episode of Monday Night RAW.

wwe monday night raw beth phoenix promo


Brock Lesnar Promo

  • Heyman comes out and says the main event of WrestleMania isna sham because Drew McIntyre is a fraud. He says this because Lesnar wasn't eliminated by McIntyre he had help from Ricochet.
  • Eliminating Lesnar doesn't prove that McIntyre can pin or submit him.
  • McIntyre interrupts and gets in Lesnar's face. Lesnar laughs and fakes that's he's leaving but tries to attack Drew but McIntyre hits him with the Claymore and leaves.
  • Lesnar staggers to the top of the ramp and McIntyre runs out to hit him with another Claymore. Drew picks up the title and hits Lesnar with a third Claymore.

Street Profits vs Seth Rollins and Murphy (c) - RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH

  • Before the match, Montez Ford says he and Dawkins are ready for their moment and they want the smoke
  • Before the bell, Murphy and Seth take out Ford leaving Dawkins to fight for himself for awhile. The finish was set up when AOP come down to the ring and while the referee tries to maintain order, Kevin Owens hits Rollins with the Stunner.
  • Ford pins Rollins after a Frog Splash


  • Rollins says that he and Murphy will take on the Street Profits at Elimination Chamber and Kevin Owens will be crucified.

Riddick Moss vs Ricochet - 24/7 Championship Match

  • Moss wins via pinfall clean

Aleister Black vs AJ Styles

  • Before the match, Styles gets on the mic and says he's not in the mood because he should have a trophy but the undertaker took that from him.
  • Mark Wahlberg sent a video message to Styles and tells him to walk away from the Undertaker. Styles says he's not going to take his advice and he is on a collision course with him.
  • Before the bell, Styles says their contract stated Black needs to beat Karl Anderson before he can get to him.
  • Black pins Anderson after a Black Mass
  • Before the next match, Styles says Black has to defeat Gallows next.
  • Blacks wins via disqualification
  • After the bell, Gallows and Anderson hit Black with the Magic Killer.
  • Styles pins Black after a Phenomenal Forearm. Styles crossed Black's arms during the pin like The Undertaker would.

Ruby Riott interview

  • Riott says that she doesn't have to worry about anyone else but herself. She says she's going to prove to Liv Morgan and at the Elimination Chamber that she will strike whenever she feels like it.

Liv Morgan vs Ruby Riott

  • Sarah Logan is the special guest referee
  • Morgan wins via pinfall after a roll up
  • The finish was set up when Logan did a fast count because Ruby was yelling and pushing her.
  • After the match, Liv and Sarah take out Ruby before Logan takes out Morgan.


  • No Way Jose walks up to Erick Rowan backstage and asks him to see what's in the cage. Rowan obliges and pulls out a giant spider. Jose and the conga line run away.

Kairi Sane (with Asuka) vs Shayna Baszler

  • Before the match, Asuka gets on the mic and says she's going to win the Elimination Chamber and face Becky Lynch at WrestleMania
  • Becky is on commentary
  • Baszler wins via submission after the Coquina Clutch
  • After the bell Shayna puts Kairi back in the lock before Asuka chases her off

Andrade and Angel Garza vs Rey Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo

  • Carrillo pins Andrade after a Moonsault

Beth Phoenix Promo

  • Beth is about to give a medical update on Edge when Randy Orton comes out
  • Orton says that he did what he did to Edge because he didn't want Edge to get hurt so he put him away for his family. Orton then blames Beth for enabling him. Beth slaps him and then she goes for the Glam Slam but gets hit with an RKO.