WWE's SmackDown Live Moving to Fox: Report

A new report has surfaced stating that WWE's SmackDown Live will be moving to Fox after its deal with NBCUniversal is up in 2019.

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, the WWE has agreed to bring SmackDown Live to Fox, with an offer Rovell's sources describe as "massive." It comes off the heels of a report that NBCUniversal will renew its deal with the WWE to keep RAW on USA, the current home of both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live. The move won't come into effect until October 2019.

A representative for WWE declined to comment on the report.

The Hollywood Reporter posted a story Thursday claiming WWE was looking for a new home for SmackDown Live after NBCUniversal declined to keep the blue brand. THR 's report also states that NBCUniversal is offering WWE as much as three times its current value to keep RAW alone.

THR also reports that the deal with Fox will be a five-year deal worth $205 million annually.

Variety reports the value of this new deal with NBCUniversal for RAW can bring the WWE a projected $400 million a year, but also speculates that the move to a new network might bring about changes for SmackDown Live, possibly increasing it from a two-hour to a three-hour show to increase the amount of ad revenue.

Fox was often pegged by THR and Variety as the network to pick up SmackDown Live after NBC's reported new deal with the WWE. Fox is now sharing UFC rights with ESPN, which has led to holes in its schedule and a compatible candidate to take a flyer on WWE programming.

SmackDown Live is no stranger to switching channels. Often called the "B Show," it has seen life on four different channels and networks since its 1999 debut. The Tuesday Night show debuted on Paramount's UPN, then Warner Bros.' The CW in 2006, followed by Fox's MyNetwork TV in 2008, NBCUniversal's Syfy in 2010 and finally USA in 2016.

We will update the story of any news on the fate of SmackDown Live if and when it comes up. In the meantime, let us know how you feel of the blue brand switching channels once again in the comments section below