Xbox Live Down? Users Experiencing Black Screen and Error Messages (UPDATE: Download Errors)

UPDATE: <s>Looks like the Xbox servers are back up and everything is back to normal. Just kidding, there are problems again! Xbox is aware that some users can't download on their Xbox consoles and is looking into the problem. Keep checking their server status page for any new developments.

Good morning everyone. We see your reports regarding downloading errors on Xbox One. The good news is our engineers have already been working to investigate and resolve these errors. Keep an eye on our our feed & Service Status page for further updates.

— Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) January 31, 2019

It looks like Xbox Live, the online service for Microsoft's console, is currently down. Players trying to login are seeing a black screen which says they are unable to login to their account. You may also see the error message "0x8b050033" which means that Microsoft is currently having trouble on their end.

It also seems like the Xbox server status page is down as well, which means we can't even check or see what services are affected. Like Fortnite's crash earlier this weekend, this seems like a major server issue malfunction.

xbox live down server outage unable to log in black screen
Xbox Live is currently down for all users Microsoft

Microsoft is aware of the problem, posting a tweet sharing that there are "title, start-up and sign-in errors." According to Down Detector, the problems started at noon EST and have only continued to grow since then.

We are aware of reports of Xbox One console startup, title update and sign-in errors. We will keep everyone informed once we have more information to share. Thank you all for your patience.

— Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) January 30, 2019

This outage affects all games that use online to play. You won't be able to build in Fortnite, shoot bad guys in Call of Duty or stream Netflix on your console. If you want to play 2K, you are going to have to wait for the servers to come back up or try moving to your PS4 or another console. Players are rightfully upset with the downage, with many users in the midwest stuck inside thanks to a polar vortex. Here are some responses from agitated people on Twitter.

Today is a sad day
Xbox live down@Xbox

— Cla_JaureguiAddicted (@Cla_Panhead5H) January 30, 2019

Oh it’s an xbox live issue? Smh

— 🏁MyEnergyFromMyInnerG🏁 (@4tehwin) January 30, 2019

You really can't do much to fix this problem, though restarting your router could help when the servers are back up. You'll know the problem is fixed when your Xbox lets you log into it again.

Newsweek will update this story when the error has been fixed.