Grizzly Bear That Attacked Man Near Yellowstone 'Chomped Up' Victim's Hand

The father of a 40-year-old man who died after being severely mauled by a grizzly bear in southern Montana has revealed details of the fatal attack.

West Yellowstone resident Carl Mock was attacked by the bear on Thursday near Baker's Hole Campground, which is located around three miles north of the town.

His father Chuck Mock told The Billings Gazette of how his son's dominant left hand was "chomped up" by the bear as he tried to protect his neck and head.

Emergency responders rushed Carl Mock to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls where he underwent extensive surgery and was placed in a medically induced coma. But he suffered a stroke over the weekend and subsequently passed away.

One of the bear's teeth punctured the skull of Carl Mock during the attack, causing his brain to swell. Mock tried to use mace to fend the bear off, according to his father.

"They knew he had for sure launched off his mace because there was even mace on his clothes," Chuck Mock said.

His father said his son called 911 on Thursday while bloodied and dazed following the attack by the 410-pound male grizzly.

"I figure he was running on adrenaline," Chuck Mock said.

The grizzly was likely defending a nearby food source—a moose carcass—Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) said in a statement following the attack.

Officials from the agency were deployed to the scene to investigate the incident. On Friday, they shot and killed a bear, which had charged at them, according to the statement.

The FWP said in a statement: "Despite multiple attempts by all seven people to haze away the bear, it continued its charge. Due to this immediate safety risk, the bear was shot and died about 20 yards from the group. The bear was an older-age male grizzly."

The father paid tribute to his son following the death, telling the Gazette that he was always looking out for others.

"He just lived to help people," Chuck Mock said. "I kind of thought, 'How did he end up being such a nice guy?' Cause he was a real terror to his sisters."

Carl Mock was born in Provo, Utah, but grew up in Southern California and southeastern Idaho. It was during his time here that his father introduced him to Yellowstone National Park.

"He was just in awe of the place," Chuck Mock said.

Just like his father, Carl Mock had a love for camping, hunting and the great outdoors.

"He was just a real outdoorsman, a mountain man if you will," his father said.

Eventually, Carl Mock moved to West Yellowstone—a gateway to the national park—where he worked odd jobs among the seasonal resort community.

"He didn't make a lot of money," Chuck Mock said. "I told him, 'You have no retirement or medical insurance.' He didn't care because he was doing what he wanted to and living where he wanted."

Around five years ago, Carl Mock began working for Backcountry Adventures—a snowcoach and snowmobile guiding business, which provides tours of Yellowstone.

Jerry Johnson, the owner of the business, told the Gazette: "He was a stand-up guy. Carl would do anything for his friends and family. He was very loyal. To me, that was his strongest attribute."

A grizzly bear
A stock image showing a grizzly bear. The father of a bear attack victim has paid tribute to his son. iStock

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