'Yoshi's Crafted World' Review: Fun, Charming and Hard to Put Down

9/10 (Switch)

Nintendo almost always does a great job designing games that many may consider childish with enough heart to attract gamers of all ages. So it's no surprise they've done it again with Yoshis Crafted World.

The platformer,out now for Nintendo Switch, is a great addition for players looking for a more casual gaming experience. And while "casual" is often considered a putdown, Yoshi's Crafted World is full of so much charm and great game design it's hard not to love it even if it isn't hardcore or difficult.

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The story of Yoshi's Crafted World is simple. The various Yoshis in the world hold onto the Sunshine Stone, which has the power to grant anyone's dream. Kamek and Bowser Jr. catch wind of this powerful rock and want it for themselves. After a short struggle, the five Dream Gems that are embedded in the stone are scattered throughout the Crafted World. It's up to you to explore the island and pick up the Gems before the bad guys do.

It's an effective storytelling device to get players to explore the different worlds, which, much like the characters, are full of charm and have their own specific themes. You'll explore worlds based on the frigid North Pole, scorching deserts, outer space and so much more. Everything is made of cardboard and other simple crafting materials, from the trees and birds to even the bosses.

yoshis crafted world piranha plant boss

Also the cutscenes feel like you're watching a stop-motion film, which adds to the game's charm.

Players will find it hard not to smile while playing Yoshi's Crafted World . The characters are adorable, the sounds and music are whimsical, and the dialogue - mostly from Bowser Jr. and Kamek - is surprisingly funny. It's an all-around fun game to play that you'll feel guilty putting down.


If you're familiar with classic Nintendo platformers and the previous Yoshi title, Wooly World , then you'll be familiar with how Crafted World plays. You control Yoshi as you hop and flutter on platforms while avoiding enemies. Swallow Shy Guys and other baddies to gain eggs, which you can use to find hidden items, attack foes or unlock stages.

Eggs are the most important feature in this game, and you'll need to learn how to conserve them. Eggs aren't always available so you'll need to make sure you take advantage whenever you see them. The difficulty in Yoshi's Crafted World is more to do with the conservation of your eggs and finding hidden coins and flowers, the latter are often needed to progress to the next world.

yoshis crafted world flower throw

As you could predict, enemies aren't ruthless and the danger of falling off levels is minimal,especially when you get the hang of your fluttering. The game is designed to appeal to younger and more casual players too, so the difficulty curve is very small. Nintendo counters that by giving players a ton of content. Sure, you can speed through the story by collecting just enough flowers to progress to the next world, but you can get a fuller experience by going back and trying to 100 percent each level by finding every flower in the stage.

The game also gives you options to replay the level in reverse to find three Poochie pups who are hiding in the stage. This is also a great way to earn flowers if you didn't meet the minimum requirement to progress. There's also a robot in each world who is looking for a particular item, you can go back into a particular stage to find it and earn a reward. Not to mention grabbing gold coins to spend on costumes that Yoshi can wear for protection. While cute and gives Yoshi more staying power, it definitely makes the game easier.

Also, I wish the game wouldn't force me to go into the menu to re-equip a costume if I lose it in a stage. Often times I would forget to do so and go right into the next stage without it.

Not every stage has those platforming elements, either. Some have Yoshi manning a vehicle to knock out opponents and run up a score, others have Yoshi manning a car to win first place in a race or shoot targets with your eggs while you ride a train on safari. There's a ton of variety so Yoshi's Crafted World never feels repetitive or stale.

yoshis crafted world race car

And even when you complete the story, there's more for you to do when a new world opens up so players have hours of gameplay with this title.


Yoshi's Crafted World is a charming, fun and fitting title on the Nintendo Switch. Never did I feel the game was repetitive and when I wasn't playing, I wanted to pick it back up immediately to see what new world I could explore next.

The only gripe is the difficulty isn't that high.it's not a surprise, but gamers looking for a challenge may want to avoid this one.

The added local co-op element also lets players team-up for a fun adventure and is great for parents who want to play with their young ones and it's just an overall great game for all ages.