Penn Badgley and 'YOU' Showrunner on Joe's Fate and Future Ahead of Season 4

YOU Season 4 was given the green light by Netflix just days before Season 3 landed on screens. Thankfully, Joe Goldberg star Penn Badgley and showrunner Sera Gamble were able to tease to Newsweek about Joe's future in the show. After all, he did make what looked to be like a perfect escape to Paris, France.

However, judging by the events of the previous three seasons, the idea of Joe taking the opportunity to have a fresh start will not last for too long and he, for sure, will be back to his obsessive and murderous ways.

Alternatively, the past may creep up behind him. Before he killed Love (the mother of his son Henry, who is still alive), she made it crystal clear to Marienne (who is also surprisingly still alive) Joe was a killer, warning her to stay away.

However, Joe was clever enough to frame his own murder. He even took it upon himself to chop off his toe and bake it in a pie, before burning the white-picket-fence home he shared with Love with her body inside.

The last audiences saw of Joe was him arriving in Paris, under the name Nick.

While waiting for coffee, in a monologue Joe revealed he has huge hopes he and Marienne's (Tati Gabrielle) paths will "cross again."

As the screen faded to black and as Joe walked off down the busy Parisian street, he said: "All I know, mon amour is I'll search the world if I have to. I will find you."

Penn Badgley joked to Newsweek: "Joe's toe is just going to come back. If Joe's toe were to come back where would he be?"

Showrunner Sera Gamble added that where the Season 3 finale leaves Joe is an "exciting" place and may lead to a more European-focused Season 4.

She said: "Where we leave Joe at the end of the season is a super fun, exciting place and to step back for one second and think about where television is in 2021, one of the lovely things that I think Netflix is, in a really large part responsible for, is that the experience of watching TV has become a lot more global.

"In the last few years, there was certainly a long, long time where the world was being given American television that was made, really for Americans and then if you get the references, we hope you enjoy it [all of you] people in Europe, people in Korea, and now, I think it's so exciting [...], it's like Squid Game is a big deal and it's from very far away.

"Putting him in Europe is exciting, because a lot of people in Europe watch the show and the world has become smaller so it's fun to expand his map and think about other possibilities."

Reflecting on Joe's journey in Season 3, Badgley described Joe's journey as "downward."

He explained: "So, what I love about Joe is that he's essentially, I mean, this is the best way... he's like, he's a caricature or he's like a deep living allegory for what we all experience in relationships which is like struggling to overcome our sort of primal competitive animal nature, which is evolved for millions of years to simply survive. Whereas, you know, our more sort of elegant and refined human nature is hopefully progressing towards something more collaborative, you know what I mean? So he makes the same mistakes in relationships that I think everybody does, but of course, he follows them to you know, the very most extreme."

There are some questions surrounding Love's death. For example, was she just as clever as Joe to take some adrenaline in anticipation of Joe poisoning her with wolfs-bane, a paralytic? We also never saw Love's body actually be engulfed in flames... perhaps she managed to flee the burning house?

Unfortunately for Love Quinn fans, Victoria Pedretti, who played her for two seasons and showrunner Sera Gamble confirmed to Newsweek that Love is well and truly dead.

Pedretti revealed: "I'm pretty sure we had an understanding about how Love's story was going to end before I even signed on to the show, so I've been prepared."

When asked if she would come back for a fourth season, alive or dead, Pedretti said: "Hell yeah. I love my job and I love the people that I've met and had the pleasure of working with through this. I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to come back."

Gamble added: "She is lying there [dead]. I'm not trying to be 'was there a parachute under that seat in the airplane?' She is [dead]. We've done that before with Candace but you know, there were questions you could ask about that. I feel like you literally watch every second of her [Love] dying, right on the screen."

YOU Seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now.

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