More Heroes Join 'Young Justice: Outsiders' in New Image

Fans of Young Justice are waiting for more information about the highly-anticipated third season, and the show's producer shared some key art for the animated series on Sunday that has fans talking and speculating.

Young Justice Executive Producer Greg Weisman took to Twitter to post a new image from the third season titled "Outsider," showing some old members of the team along with a bunch of new ones.

Nightwing appears in the foreground with five heroes who haven't been on the show in the past. Some are more recognizable than others. The female hero with the sword is clearly Katana, while the man in the purple, pink and orange suit is Metamorpho. The other three are still a bit of a mystery.

The female hero floating could be Solstice, a hero created in 2010 for DC Comics New 52 version of the Teen Titans. Of Indian descent, she can fly and generate light and fire blasts of energy from her hands.

The hero in green could be Geo-Force, a geokinetic with massive powers. Since the third season of Young Justice is called "Outsiders," it makes sense the core members will be comprised of characters who were a part of the Outsiders, a team assembled by Batman in the comics. Geo-Force, Katana and Metamorpho were all prominent members of the team, which was created to be a place for heroes who were not "not fit for the mainstream superhero community" like the Justice League.

The unknown hero with four arms is possibly the hardest to identify, but we believe it to be Forager. Forager was born on New Genesis, the homeworld of the New Gods. Considering Darkseid, the leader of Apokolips and sworn enemy of the New Gods, will likely be the main baddie in Season 3, having a New Gods character on the team would make sense.

In the background of the image, Superboy and Tigress (formerly known as Artemis) are shown with Black Lightning in the middle. The electricity-driven hero debuted in Young Justice Season 2 as a mentor, but it seems he will have a larger role in the third season.

Young Justice: Outsiders will stream exclusively on the new DC Universe service in the fourth quarter of 2018.

So what do you think of the new members coming to Young Justice: Outsiders? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.