'Young Justice: Outsiders:' Everything We Learned From Episodes 4-6

The next three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders premiered on the DC Universe streaming service, offering up answers to some lingering questions while raising twice as many.

Episodes 4-6 of Young Justice season 3 began a new arc for our heroes, focused on the fallout of the mission in Markovia. But metahuman trafficking seems to pose an even bigger threat.

Here's everything we learned from episodes 4-6 of Young Justice: Outsiders. Spoilers ahead for those who haven't watched yet.

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Advertisements for Goode Goggles were shown early on in the third season of Young Justice. They are super-popular game peripherals that mix virtual reality and augmented reality, and they are everywhere in the latest batch of episodes, prompting the villains to steal them.

These devices will likely play a big role in the overall plot of this season: what if The Light or Darkseid, or both, use these devices to control the population? Guess we're just going to have to wait and see.


Roy Harper played a big role in Young Justice: Invasion , the second season of the series. Season 2 Roy was actually a clone of the original, created by The Light as a mole to the team and the Justice League.

So what's he up to in Young Justice: Outsiders ? He's the head of his own security firm, of course. Going by the name WIll, cloned Roy leads Bow Hunter Security and he's joined by other Harpers on a job.

The original Roy, who goes by Arsenal, is still around.Another Roy clone, Jim Harper (who was seen in Season 2 as the head of security of Cadmus and the original Guardian) joins them as well. We still don't know what happened to Mal Duncan, but seeing three Roy Harpers at once was pretty wild.


New hero Halo is a metahuman who lost her memories, but can seemingly heal and resurrect herself. We learn more about her in the latest batch of episodes, but much of her backstory remains a mystery.

In episode 4, Artemis brings Halo to Dr. Fate, who says "there's an old soul in this young body." episode 6 picks up on this idea, revealing that Halo actually knows a lot about New Genesis and the New Gods.

Finally, Oracle finds out Halo's true identity: Gabrielle Daou, a Quaracian refugee who was working in the Markovian palace. This is where she was experimented on by the assassins in episode 1.

Halo seems to reject her former self, and it's possible that some sort of New God is inhabiting her body, which is where the "old soul" line from Dr. Fate comes from. With the New Gods coming into the fold this season, it's likely fans will learn more about Halo and her powers.


In the comics, The Outsiders are a team created by Batman that consists of heroes whose looks or powers fall outside the norms of mainstream heroes.

In Young Justice , this team is starting to form after events bring the newest heroes — Halo, Brion (Geo-Force) and Forager (who was introduced in episode 5) — together as a team. After trying to find Brion's sister Tara - more on her below - within the League of Shadows the three-person group gets caught. Eventually they are saved by Nightwing and the other heroes.

They escaped Infinity Island in one piece, and the ordeal brought them together as a team and gave them a purpose. This is what Nightwing was hoping for all along. Although he didn't want to lead another team, Dick Grayson winds up being its leader.

The Outsiders will work independently of the Justice League and "The Team" but they will work closely with the Miss Martian-led group.

It seems The Outsiders will consist of Forager, Geo Force, Halo, Nightwing, Black Lightning, Superboy and Tigress, with Miss Martian acting as a liaison between this team and her own.


Oracle was teased in the first few episodes as a source of intel for Nightwing. Fans of the comics know that Oracle was the codename for Barbara Gordon after Joker shot her and left her paralyzed from the waist down..

In Young Justice: Outsiders, we finally see Oracle is indeed Barbara and she is in a wheelchair. She is in a relationship with Nightwing and continues to be the one who gives him intel on for his missions. However, it seems that the others don't know about Oracle's involvement.

We also don't know what caused Barbara to be in the wheelchair, but we could learn that later on this season.


Brion's sister, Tara, was the reason Geo-Force wanted to activate his metagene powers, but in episode 6 we finally get some background on her and what happened in the past.

The episode begins with Dark Spider, a member of the League of Shadows, chasing an unknown man. The man is eventually killed when someone drops a boulder on him, and we see a silhouette of a young woman.

We then learn later on from Dr. Jace that Brion's uncle, Baron Bedlam, had Tara taken by the League of Shadows once her metagene was activated. Once Brion finds out where the League is held up, he takes Halo and Forager to go and try to find her.

This is when we see Ra's al Ghul, the leader of the League and member of The Light. However, he reveals he is no longer part of The Light and doesn't control the League of Shadows anymore.

So it seems that Tara is alive but is an assassin for the League.


Perhaps one of the bigger surprises of this batch of episodes came at the end of episode 6 after the team leaves Infinity Island.

As Ra's and the rest of his clan see the team leave, we see a woman holding a baby. She looks like Ra's daughter, Talia. One of the masked assassins working for Ra's tries to say Dick's name but holds his head. It appears the masked assassin has no memories. .

Ra's makes a comment that the masked assassin is starting to remember things. Is this man Jason Todd, the second Robin? Todd in the comics was killed by the Joker but eventually resurrected by Ra's and the Lazarus Pit (which was mentioned by the villain in this episode).

This could mean that Jason Todd is alive once again in the Young Justice universe, but who is Talia's baby? Is it Jason's? In the comics, Talia has a son named Damien with Bruce Wayne so this could be the show's way of introducing him into this universe.

Young Justice: Outsiders is available for streaming on DC Universe.

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