YouTuber Etika Calls Himself "God" on Twitter, Posts Anti-Semitic Message (UPDATE)

YouTuber Etika Calls Himself 'Antichrist' After Hospital Release As Fans Continue to Worry

Desmond "Etika" Amofah is back on Twitter, this time to share a series of cryptic and, at times, anti-semitic messages. This isn't his first brush with controversy. In October, the content creator went on a Twitter tirade and posted pornographic content to his own YouTube channel to get it deleted. He had a similar outburst in April, which included threatening to commit suicide with a gun. The police arrived and he was sent to the hospital shortly after. Since that incident, he had remained fairly silent on social media, other than a few messages posted to his subreddit over the past few weeks.

I never needed all of you. Most of you are far too ignorant to even wipe your own asses.

Just a few, who have unlocked their minds.


— Etika @ 999 (@Etika) April 29, 2019

On Monday, the YouTuber with more than 200,000 Twitter followers went back to his account. He has posted hundreds of times, sharing that he is a "god", saying "he fears nothing" and sharing a photoshopped image of him holding up a gun. In a quickly deleted tweet, Etika wrote "fuck the jews" angering his already confused fan base. These cryptic and hateful messages are impossible to decipher, with many fans online questioning his motives and mental wellness. There are more than 66,000 tweets about Etika posted today from fans who are considered for the content creator, making him trending on the site.

Amofah has also blocked many of the influencers and content creators that were in his life. Sky Williams has consistently offered his support to Amofah throughout his multiple ordeals and was devastated when he was blocked. Fiona Nova, another friend who was blocked on Twitter, posted that he's "mentally ill and has multiple episodes in the past."

i was blocked by @etika

there is no combination of letters to describe how terrible i feel seeing this screen.


if i would have known that reaching out would strip you away from me this fast i would have just not said anything.

i’m absolutely miserable right now.

— ♡♪!? (@SkyWilliams) April 29, 2019

He's blocked all his close friends, don't take it personally.
He's mentally ill and has had numerous manic episodes in the past. Bipolar disorder/Hypo-Mania, is not a joke and he won't get better unless he decides he wants treatment. There is nothing we can do atm, it's on him.

— Fiona Nova (@FionaNova) April 29, 2019

Alice, Amofah's ex-girlfriend who was there when the police raided his place, was also blocked. Though she isn't sure why she was blocked, Alice told Newsweek that "he's preventing me from seeing what he's doing." Esports journalist Rod "Slasher" Breslau had spoken to Amofah multiple times but told Newsweek that he was also blocked for asking him to get "verified" during this ordeal. "I absolutely do not believe he is going to hurt himself or anything," Breslau said. "Guess he blocked all his friends."

Amofah continues to tweet. Though he's broken the Twitter terms of service by threatening violence upon himself, the social media site has not banned his account.

(Update: 4/29 3:00 p.m.)- The NYPD were called to Amofah's apartment and the altercation was streamed on Instagram Live. "They knocked the peephole out. You're being ridiculous, look at how many cars there are," Amofah said as a police officer asked him to open the door. He refused, and after a 30-minute standoff the police broke through his door and led him away in handcuffs. Nearly 20,000 people were watching this event take place on Instagram Live. It's unclear what will happen next.

Etika just got arrested live on instagram by nypd

— Rod Breslau (@Slasher) April 29, 2019

@etika shut the block down.

— A Sentient Bottle of Malta India (@versacebionicle) April 29, 2019

Newsweek has contacted the NYPD who said they cannot share a comment on the ongoing investigation.