The 10 Best Super Bowl 2021 Commercials

As one of the most watched TV events of the year, the Super Bowl is almost as well-known for its commercials as it is for the game. While some brands that have long created memorable ads have opted not to advertise this year, there are still plenty of exciting commercials during this year's big game.

Ahead of the big game, most companies released their advertisements to get viewers' attention even before kickoff. While some brands, like Hellman's mayonnaise, released teasers for their commercials.

Whether its an emotional beer ad or a hilarious star-studded spot, these are 10 of the best commercials set to air during Super Bowl LV that you can watch out for tonight.

Frito-Lay's Super Bowl Poem

While it may not have the same prevalence as Christmas, some people certainly treat Super Bowl Sunday like it's a religious holiday. Marshawn Lynch reads a poem appropriately titled "Twas the Night Before Super Bowl," which shows how past Super Bowl legends Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, Jerome Bettis, and Deion Sanders spend the night before the big game. (Hint: It includes snacking on Lays, Doritos, Tostitos and Cheetos.)

Wayne and Garth Return for Uber Eats

Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey reprise their iconic Saturday Night Live characters Wayne and Garth to encourage viewers to use Uber Eats to "eat local." In classic Wayne's World fashion, the pair make plenty of ironic jokes against subliminal messaging and critique celebrity endorsements (with the hilarious help of Cardi B), or remind us all just how excellent 2020 was. Not!

Anheuser-Busch Needs a Beer

Whether you drink Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Goose Island, Stella Artois, Budweiser Zero, Busch-Light or Cutwater Spirits, Anheuser-Busch's spot celebrates the humanity of grabbing a beer together, and the reasons we do it. "When we're back, let's remember: It's never just about the beer. It's about saying that simple human truth: We need each other," a voiceover says.

Dan Levy Apologizes for Eating M&M's

Fresh off his debut hosting Saturday Night Live, Schitt's Creek creator and star Dan Levy makes a quick cameo at the end of M&M's commercial. The ad hilariously shows people apologizing for kicking airline seats, gender reveals gone wrong, mansplaining and more by giving each other packs of the classic candy. Levy apologizes to the anthropomorphized Brown and Green M&M's for eating their friends, promising that he won't have anymore.

Amazon's New Alexa: Michael B. Jordan

Amazon may have perfected the Alexa's design with the latest iteration, but that doesn't keep an employee from fantasizing about making it a little better, by upgrading Alexa to look like actor Michael B. Jordan. Jordan makes home cooking, turning on the sprinklers and audiobooks seem all the more sexy, much to a jealous partner's chagrin in this hilarious ad.

"The King of Cold Cuts" Takes on Jimmy John's

Apparently, the sandwich business is much more intense than anyone would imagine. "The King of Cold Cuts" could apparently give Tony Soprano a run for his money. The commercial is made like a trailer for an intense Mafia movie to hilarious effect.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Spoof Shaggy for Cheetos

Shaggy offers Mila Kunis some free advice once her husband Ashton Kutcher catches her stealing some of his Cheetos: "Just tell him, it wasn't you." While Kunis and Kutcher's musical abilities leave much to be desired, Shaggy jumps in to deliver a snack-oriented parody of his 2000 hit. When Kutcher simply accepts his wife's "It wasn't me" response, Shaggy responds, "That's the first time that's ever worked."

Flat McConaughey Needs some Doritos 3D

Matthew McConaughey hasn't been feeling like himself lately. A two-dimensional version of the Academy Award winner struggles through all the problems you'd expect to have if you were paper thin: being blown away like a kite while walking a dog, getting caught in a Roomba, or being the butt of some of Jimmy Kimmel's jokes. Fortunately, the actor finds away to snap back to normal, with Doritos 3D.

Sam Adams Runs Wild

In a quick but hilarious spot, Sam Adams shows just how much havoc a few majestic horses can wreak when they're let loose. It plays into its hometown roots by showing that the doofus who let the horses go was none other than "your cousin from Bah-ston," who unwinds after letting the horses go with a case of Wicked Hazy IPA.

Chipotle's World-Changing Burritos

The fast-food chain's commercial features a bright-eyed youngster who's inspired by Chipotle's classic burritos to try to change the world. The way he sees it, the burritos can inspire everyone to do things "more locally," "more organically" and "more real," which can only lead to a better world.

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An aerial view of Raymond James Stadium ahead of Super Bowl LV on January 31, in Tampa, Florida. The Super Bowl is almost as well-known for its commercials as it is for the game. Mike Ehrmann/Getty