All the Clues About Adele's New Album Title From the Singer's '73 Questions'

The world is ready for sad girl autumn and Adele's upcoming fourth album is the perfect soundtrack.

The first single, Easy On Me, has been released to much acclaim and the British singer has already revealed that much of her album is based on her divorce from Simon Konecki.

Ahead of its release, the 33-year-old appeared in Vogue's long-running video series, 73 Questions, but was the first person to answer more than the titular number of questions.

Here's what fans think it means and all the clues she gave about her new album in the video.

What Is the Title of Adele's New Album?

Adele has always named her albums after the age she was when she began writing them.

Her previous albums have been 19, 21 and 25.

It was assumed that the subsequent release would follow the same format and most likely be named 30, with Adele herself even sharing a picture that appeared to be an album cover on Instagram with the caption "30 - November 19," however the video cast some doubt on this.

The video's 73rd question was "What's the new album's name?"

Adele replied: "Well, let's keep going and maybe you'll find out."

In a break from the traditional format, Adele answered 95 questions in total before deciding to "call it a day."

Adding to the confusion, in a pinned comment on the YouTube video, the official account for Vogue wrote: "Hmm, we wonder why Adele answered that specific number of questions...can anyone figure it out?"

Why Did Adele Answer 95 Questions?

At first, fans were confused with one writing: "Doesn't everyone answer 73 questions?"

Another replied: "Answer is easy. Because she is Adele."

On Twitter, some think they've got it figured out and it involves a little simple math.

Adele answered 95 questions with Vogue… if you add all of her album titels together it is (19+21+25+30=) 95.

her mind 🤯

— Adele Daily ³⁰ (@adeledailynet) October 21, 2021

One user wrote: "Adele answered 95 questions with Vogue... if you add all of her album titles together it is (19+21+25+30=) 95."

Others shared the theory, with fans calling her a "legend" and a "genius."

What Did Adele Say About Her New Album in Her 73 Questions?

Adele said she was "so excited" to put her new album out and used the opportunity to tease some details.

Having previously revealed the album focuses on her divorce, when asked if she ever cried while performing her songs she said: "I do to quite a few of my new ones."

When asked what advice she'd give to her 19-year-old self she said: "That your love life is going to get a lot worse," before crossing her eyes. She described leaving her marriage as the biggest risk she's ever taken.

She was given a phone with an app that alters your singing to play with. She sang a line from her hit "Hello" into the phone and then tried using the tunnel effect, which she said sounded like singing in the shower and added "that's definitely me on the new album."

After trying the drunk effect, the cameraman said: "Please tell me the next album is like this."

She joked: "Pretty much, pretty much. That's what the whole album sounds like."

Since becoming a mother, she explained she doesn't have as much time to write songs any more but her favorite lyrics she's ever written are "all on the new album."

Revealing which of these songs she loves the most, she said that one on the latest album is her second favorite.

She was then asked: "If 25 closed a trilogy, what is something new you'll explore for the first time on your next album?"

She answered: "Does anything ever really end?" adding that the latest work was her "most personal one yet."

Adele attends an NBA game
Adele attends an NBA game in July 2021. The singer used her Vogue 73 Questions video to tease some details about her new album. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images