Adorable Video of Baby Dancing Along to Dad's Piano Playing Viewed 5M Times

The benefits of exposing children to music from an early age have been further highlighted in a delightful viral video showcasing a baby's boisterous reaction to hearing his father play the piano.

In a clip posted to TikTok under the handle groovinggus, the super cute baby can be seen bopping along next to his dad as he continues tickling the ivories in impressive fashion.

The baby's apparent enthusiasm for the music being played nearly spills over into a bit of collaboration with the young child seen slapping his right hand on the keys several times on the video, evidently eager to join in on the fun.

Posted alongside the caption "Groovy Gus," the heartwarming clip has been viewed more than 5.5 million times on TikTok with another version of the video also upvoted 63,000 times on Reddit. The clip can be viewed here.

Footage of the baby's adorable reaction—a 6-month old boy by the name of August, or Gus for short—was first uploaded to social media by his mother Abby Parker where it has drawn a warm response from fans in raptures at his response to the music.

"The instinct to groove is so strong," glebekahrick commented. "There's a very old soul in that baby," Jo Anna Boesch agreed.

Thesabieee noted that "the one piano key he played was actually in tune" while Tonya Love said: "that baby is feeling it! Adorable!"

Lori Rodia noted: "He's not only dancing, he wants to sing too" with Jade Fox declaring "that baby got soul."

For many, the video proved a major mood booster. "I love this so much," the duckmotherdeclared. "Best thing I've ever seen," Sadbadbee added.

Gus, who lives with his mom and dad in Birmingham, Alabama, has since returned to TikTok with more videos showcasing his natural appreciation for the piano.

Newsweek has contacted Parker for comment.

This early exposure to music and playing musical instruments is likely to stand him in good stead for the future.

Research conducted by the University of Southern California's Brain and Creativity Institute in 2016 previously found that music training in childhood can help accelerate brain development in areas like language development, speech perception and reading skills.

Gus' adorable antics come just a few weeks after an equally cute viral video chronicling a baby's well-earned nap alongside a puppy.

More recently, a toddler had fans saying a collective "aww" after her mom posted a video online showcasing her daughter's hilarious reaction to trying on makeup for the first time.

A baby playing the piano.
Stock image of a baby at a piano. An adorable viral video has surfaced showing a young child dancing along while his dad plays the piano. Anetlanda/Getty