Airbnb Guest Shares Wild Signs She Found in Her Rental: 'Do Not Swivel'

A woman has shared wild signs dotted around the Airbnb she was staying in, covering everything from rules about crockery to light-switches.

Rose Johnson spent a few nights in a property in the U.K. but wasn't prepared for the intensive list of rules which came with it, penned by owner, Jonathan.

Johnson, a comedian, writer and actor, posted snaps of the notes to Twitter last week, which have amassed more than 10,000 likes, saying: "Signs in the Airbnb I am currently staying in, a thread." The tweets can be seen here.

The tweets reveal the owner annotated various objects with anecdotes and explanations, with one saying: "I inherited this sofa—I felt I had to take it but it has proved a terrible mistake and it keeps being damaged—spilt drinks etc and then rubbed with a cloth—which is the very worst thing that can be done if there is a spill.

"PLEASE—would you cover it with these sheets if you have a party or even just decide to use the room for drinks. I do this myself."

Another note on a piece of furniture said: "Please, do not try and move the sideboard.

"Severe damage done on the lower left hand corner due to an attempt by guests to push it to the right to hide marks caused by champagne spray hitting the wall."

A lengthy printed letter explained why guests shouldn't re-program the thermostat, adding: "Your cooperation in this is much needed—I would hate the house to be plunged into sub zero temperatures."

Presumably in the bedroom, guests were warned about a rail, saying: "Please—DO NOT—hang anything from this—it has come away from the wall in the past. (Guests hanging clothes on it.) Do not swivel."

The kitchen wasn't exempt either, as Johnson shared a series of precise instructions. "Are all of these in the same cupboard? Absolutely," she captioned a post.

Just in case guests were confused, three separate notes stressed: "Plain white crockery goes in the dining room do not place in this cupboard."

A seemingly generic sign covered a range of rental-related accidents, saying: "Do NOT move furniture from room to room. Do NOT affix anything to any surface.

"NO Blu-Tack, Sellotape or drawing pins. RED WINE—enemy of soft furnishings! If you spill cover immediately with salt—in kitchen cupboard. Do NOT drag furniture across floors."

And she captioned a pair of conflicting signs as one says: "Saving utilities (e.g. switching off lights) is just as important as recycling." While a second reads: "For your safety and security this lamp is left on 24/7."

There were also signs sharing riddles and a request for guests to respect fire extinguishers, while only "accomplished pianists" should play a concert grand piano in the hallway.

Numerous people have been gripped by the detailed, and numerous, notes, as Brona C Titley commented: "Rose. I went on an emotional rollercoaster with this one. I struggle to choose my favorite but the 'unless it is to be played by an accomplished pianist' probably nabs it."

Massimo Pizzol commented: "I keep thinking about this Simpsons episode where Ned fills the summerhouse with post-its... insane."

Henning Strack thought: "Nice mixture of annoyingly particular landlord and horrific guests there... Who dismantles a thermostat and forces open a boiler?"

Katie O wrote: "I am laughing so much at this. I stayed at an Airbnb a bit like this but nothing on this level. DO NOT SWIVEL. Also, what were those people doing to the boiler?!?"

JR joked: "He could've at least done a recorded introductory video, or ideally, a hologram."

Gav Winter thought: "As an owner I think these signs are way overkill but it probably comes from frustration over years. We have had lots of things taken (inc. cutlery), things broken and not reported, boiler messed with, complaints about tech as people can't use it."

KEO said: "Incredible. Some of the replies are funny too."

While Emily Binns thought: "We run an Airbnb and now I'm feeling I'm doing it wrong. We have NO signs!"

Airbnb was created in 2007 by roommates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia and has since grown into a multi-million-dollar service.

According to Statista, in 2021 it was valued at $113 billion, up from $75 billion the year before.

The website noted: "The privately-owned accommodation rental and sharing website has becoming increasingly well-known all over the world, mostly due to the company providing cheaper more 'authentic' alternatives to a hotel room."

Newsweek reached out to Airbnb for comment.

File photo of AirBnB logo and sign.
File photo of AirBnB logo and sign. A woman has hared the wild signs she found around her rental. Chesnot / Kendal Swart/Getty Images