'World's Best Airbnb Guest' Was so Well-behaved the Host Wanted to Refund Her

Airbnb guests are notorious for leaving a mess, stealing valuables or trashing the property with wild parties. Which is why one host couldn't believe her eyes when her guest not only cleaned up but also left her a gift.

TikTok user Nicole raved about a woman she called the "world's best Airbnb guest," who was so clean and tidy that Nicole joked she would need to refund her.

Nicole, who lets out the property in Virginia, shared a clip captioned: "I absolutely loved this AirBnB guest!"

In the footage, a card and gift bag containing what looks like a bottle of bubbly have been left on the kitchen counter.

As she films the immaculate property, Nicole says: "This is the world's best Airbnb guest. She left me this gift, she literally took the trash out and bagged it herself. I've got to give this girl a refund. Like, what the heck, look at this. Did she wash the sheets as well?"

The video shows a neat pile of what look like bedsheets and towels, along with the bed, which has been stripped.

In the comments, Nicole added: "She even separated her recyclables!"

The video, which can be seen here, has amassed more than 3 million views since it was uploaded in May.

Numerous TikTok users commented on the guest's cleanliness, with Alfie joking: "Ok I think Monica from friends just stayed over lol."

Rick posted: "She either worked in hospitality or was raised right."

"Probably petrified of getting a bad guest review," Txcowgirlrose wrote.

Daniel Orman replied: "Then others leave it like their mother will sort it."

Onion Flies thought the home was suspiciously clean, warning: "It's a cover up trust 10000% I've done this. She's done something seriously wrong somewhere. Check the oven it's in the oven."

Dorothy Sawyer joked: "Crime scene cleaning and gift bribery. Nice guest."

Meg asked: "Is this not normal?? I leave my AirBnB's cleaner than I find them, it's the bare minimum respect. I'm gonna start buying wine though that's lovely."

Some people admitted that they would never follow in this guest's footsteps, however, commenting: "I mean I pay a cleaning fee so I'm not gonna do laundry."

Another TikToker wrote: "I used to do this and stopped cause I'm paying a big cleaning fee. I'm not gonna clean if I'm getting charged."

P thought: "I hope she gets that cleaning fee refunded!"

Newsweek has reached out to Nicole for comment.

File photo of AirBnB logo.
File photo of Airbnb logo on a phone screen. A video about the "world's best Airbnb guest" has been watched more than 3 million times. Getty Images