Internet Praises Woman Leaving 'Rude' Date Stranded at Restaurant

A woman has been praised by Reddit after she walked out on a nightmare date. The potential suitor got "really angry" when she refused to bring him home "to have fun" and was "rude" to the waitress serving them.

According to a post (which has now been deleted) shared by user ADiscoveryofMe (a 28-year-old woman) on Reddit's AmITheA**hole (AITA) sub, the user's date was the 29-year-old brother of a friend who had set the pair up.

An hour before they were to meet, he asked the user to pick him up as his car wouldn't start up, which the user agreed to do.

But as the evening progressed, it was turning out to be a "s**t date" overall, the user said. Her was "rude to our waitress and he had the attitude that he was better than everyone else there. All he talked about was how much money he made and how important his job was," reported ADiscoveryofMe.

When the user asked the waitress to split the bill, her date "didn't like that" and allegedly said that he would pay, before telling his date they'd go to her place "to have fun."

A woman looking panicked on a date.
A panicked-looking woman with her head turned away from a man on a date. A woman who left her "rude" date stranded at a restaurant has been praised by users on Reddit. iStock/Getty Images Plus

When the user refused to bring him to her home, the date allegedly "started getting really angry," saying the user "should be thankful" that he took her out because "he can do better."

He then allegedly started yelling, saying the least she could do was drive him home since she wasn't gonna let him "hit it," according to the user, who walked out of the restaurant and went home after paying the waitress her portion of the bill.

The user's friend later phoned and called her a "b***h" as she lives 30 minutes away but had to go get her brother at the restaurant.

"I told her what happened and she agreed that he was an AH [a**hole] but I should have still brought him home because she had to bring her 2yo [year old] with her and it was late at night," according to the user. "Was I an AH or did I do the right thing?"

Several other users on AITA shared messages of support for the original poster, praising her for leaving the date, who some described as "a creep," while others blamed the user's friend for this "train wreck" of a date.

Terrie-25 wrote: "NTA [not the a**hole]. If he makes so much money, like he was bragging, he can certainly afford an Uber to get home," in a comment that received 23,400 upvotes at the time of reporting.

Charming-Audience883 wrote: "Well OP [original poster] did jump at having separate checks which she said he didn't like. Probably to try to make it so that she 'owed' him sex after." The comment received 4,800 upvotes.

User seniortw*t agreed, noting her date had said "word for word" that she should drive him home because she didn't let him "hit it," in a comment that received 2,300 upvotes.

AhniJetal said: "He clearly wanted 'it,' and I'm pretty sure that if OP would have invited him to her car, the possibility of him demanding 'it' by force would have been very high! OP was wise to leave him stranded. NTA." The comment received 1,900 upvotes.

Many users blamed the user's friend for introducing her brother to the user, such as TerraelSylva who condemned the friend for complaining about the "mild inconvenience" of having to pick up her brother.

They said: "NTA Quite frankly, the friend is an AH for setting up this train wreck. Either she doesn't know her brother is a creep, or she thinks OP is into creeps.

"I would no longer wish to remain friends with someone like that. She should solely be mad at her brother for being so awful his date wasn't comfortable driving him home and that he didn't just call an Uber."

750more agreed, noting: "If I had set someone up in good faith and he turned out to be as awful and predatory as OP's date I would be begging for forgiveness and ripping the date a new one...glad you got out safely but that friend almost more so than the brother is trash because you trusted her and she put you in a possibly dangerous situation. NTA." The comment received 241 upvotes at the time of publishing.

User StrykerC13 gave the friend the benefit of the doubt but criticized them for their unapologetic stance. "Ehh, it is possible she didn't know who her brother was. My sister knows very little of my life and vice versa because we're private people. However that doesn't excuse the blame and lack of an apology. Which admittedly does give credence to the likelihood of pre knowledge," StrykerC13 wrote in a comment that received 53 upvotes.

According to a Pew Research Center survey of 4,860 people conducted in October 2019, most single women who are looking to date (65 percent) said they had experienced at least one of six harassing behaviors, such as being touched in a way that made them uncomfortable or rumors being spread about their sexual history, from someone they were dating or had been on a date with.

This was also the case for 50 percent of single men who are looking to date.

The survey also showed women are also more likely to see risk–both physical and emotional–when it comes to dating.

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