Alligator Stops Traffic as it Casually Crosses Street

Florida drivers were stunned to learn that the reason for their evening rush hour traffic jam was an alligator taking a leisurely stroll across a busy street.

The gator was caught on camera during an afternoon walk across the busy Lee Boulevard in Lehigh Acres, WBBH-TV reported. The shocking footage shows that the wild animal was in no rush to get off the road, to the chagrin of drivers stuck behind it.

The gator appears to block off at least three lanes of traffic, with the leftmost lanes also experiencing rubbernecking with the vehicles trying to get around the animal.

The video then cuts to the local fire department cornering the alligator to the right lane. The camera zooms in to highlight its massive size and enormous tail.

Firefighters: Excuse me but state law requires you move over for our lights and sirens.
Gator: No, I don’t think I will.

— Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District (@LehighAcresFD) April 29, 2021

The Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District posted photos of the gator in the road to their social media accounts.

"[Firefighter]: Excuse me sir, but state law requires you #moveover for my lights and sirens. [Gator]: No, I don't think I will," they captioned the post.

Viewers fortunate enough to not get caught in the traffic jam the gator caused found the situation highly amusing.

"They have absolutely no respect for the law!" one Facebook follower joked. "Better give that one the right-of-way," an Instagrammer commented.

"Only in Florida!" the department remarked on Twitter.

Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District Public Relations Officer Katie Heck told Newsweek how the department intervened in the situation.

"Our firefighters came across the alligator while heading back to the station from a call," Heck said. "It was backing up traffic and causing a hazard, so they pulled behind it and turned their lights on to signal traffic to move around until an FWC [The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission] trapper could respond."

"Our firefighters have to be prepared for just about anything in Southwest Florida - even gators on the street!" she added.

Heck told Newsweek that responding officers estimated the gator to be "about 5 feet" and had the situation under control in "a little over an hour."

WBBH-TV also reported that the alligator was safely removed from the busy street and taken elsewhere with a nuisance alligator trapper.

This is the latest sighting of an uncooperative alligator going for a walk to the surprise and alarm of Floridians. One gator in Ocala received a police escort off of an interstate and subsequent TikTok fame when the footage went viral.

Another in North Fort Myers grabbed attention on Facebook for its supermarket stroll. And one particularly lazy alligator was even spotted swimming in a household's backyard swimming pool in Pinellas County.

According to the FWC, gators are still considered active threats to people and other animals, regardless of how harmless they seem to online viewers. They recommend anyone who comes across one in their neighborhood to contact local authorities to move the animal.

Florida alligator blocks traffic in leisurely stroll
In a viral video filmed in Lehigh Acres, Florida on Wednesday, an alligator can be seen holding up traffic as it crossed a busy street before eventually being corralled by officials into the righthand lane. Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District/Storyful