Amazon Worker Delivers Mountain of 314 Packages to One House, Vows Never Again

Delivery drivers are hailed as heroes of the modern age, battling the elements and road closure to get our Prime packages to us in time.

But a man claiming to be an Amazon worker joked he nearly quit his job after taking nearly two hours to deliver more than 300 packages to one address.

Willy Ngoran shared a clip to his TikTok account, @willy.ngoran, as he filmed a mountain of boxes outside a woman's house. The parcel pile is nearly as tall as him, while there's a stack almost blocking the front door.

Ngoran, from Maryland, said in the on-screen captions: "The day I quitted Amazon deliveries. Note that she is opening the boxes as I deliver due to limited space.

"It took one hour 47 minutes to deliver 314 heavy packages to this single home."

Speaking to Newsweek, Ngoran says he works for the company as: "...a delivery driver whose primary responsibility is to manage the rest of the team."

He claims a series of errors led to the package build up, explaining: "But this specific day was a mess, an employee entered the boxes dimensions wrong in the system. They appeared as envelopes making the routing robot believe that they would all fit in the van.

"It was my responsibility to find a way to deliver it. None of the drivers in the same delivery area could take these as all the vehicles were full. I had to suspend my task to find a van and deliver it myself."

Ngoran says it took two round trips from the warehouse, in Hanover, to the recipient, in Laurel. "There was a lot of physical effort required to lift these boxes and unload them," he added.

He said the system "isn't optimized" for such large deliveries, explaining: "For such a large order, it's impossible to organize them, we ended up having to stack the boxes in front of the house. I called in the driver supposed to deliver those and made him manually enter the tracking numbers in the system to mark them as delivered in [the] Amazon system.

Screengrab from @willy.ngoran's video.
Screengrab from @willy.ngoran's video. The Amazon worker claims packages had built up at the warehouse as it was thought to be duplicate order. @willy.ngoran/Getty Images

"That was a tedious process. The video doesn't show the other packages coming to the house, there were 24 tote bags just for her... total of 520+ packages at this location. All of these packages had to be entered manually in the system since it was not possible to organize them in the order they must be scanned."

But there was a reason the shipment was so large, adding to the headache of the delivery.

Ngoran said: "These packages were part of a wish list made by the military regiment. The lady and her partners ordered a lot of goods for them, Amazon initially thought it was a computed mistake to have so many identical items in such a large amount. That's why they accumulated the packages at the warehouse while they supposedly investigating— which put the burden on one driver having to handle it instead of splitting between different drivers as they usually do it.

"It was a variety of canned food and drinks mostly sparkling water and Gatorade. She was opening most of the boxes as we brought them up. The video was recorded halfway through the process. She had invited 6 people who helped sort the packages on the side walk. They had a truck coming to pick up the goods and transfer them the military base as soon as it was organized. There was a whole operation."

Screengrab from @willy.ngoran's video.
Screengrab from @willy.ngoran's video. The worker revealed the packages were for a local military regiment. @willy.ngoran

After the fiasco, he vowed never again, adding: "The whole time I was like, ain't no way I am doing this again. Delivering the packages is not even the hard part? It's all the paperwork behind it that bothers me."

He did confirm the recipient offered the workers drinks and snacks as they unloaded the parcels.

The clip has amassed more than 11 million views since being shared last month, and can be seen here, with Christy LaRose saying: "A tip is absolutely necessary at this point."

While @thefloatwitch joked: "When did ppl start using Amazon for moving day?"

K joked: "When I get rich rich I'll be ordering from Amazon like this."

"Probably because they put one small thing in every single box instead of putting five things in one box lol," KLH reckoned.

While Mackenize Stith commenting: "Are you kidding this is the most ideal delivery. One stop. A house not an apartment. Wow."