Amazon Driver Warns New Homeowners Their House Is Not Safe in Video

Amazon delivery drivers often find themselves going viral on TikTok, though not always for the right reasons. This time, Texas Amazon Flex worker Kelsey's advice to new homeowner Jessica Huseman earned her mass praise on the app.

In a video shared to Huseman's TikTok account, Kelsey can be seen approaching the house while handing advice via the doorbell camera on how to make it safer. In a sing-song tune, she said: "Hello Jennifer, I hope your Monday is going well. You have no markers on your house, and that [makes it] hard to find your house."

But delivery driver Kelsey's concern wasn't just for the ease of her own job, but the safety of Huseman in an emergency. "What if you needed medical assistance and the paramedics didn't know your town well, come on man," she added. "Have a great day."

Huseman confirmed in a later video that Jennifer was the previous owner of the house, and was still receiving deliveries at the address. In just five days, the video has gained over 3 million views, with commenters rushing to applaud Kelsey for her advice.

The video can also be seen in full here.


We just moved in and this happened today…she’s not wrong though. Guess I need to get some house numbers. #amazondelivery

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"This is a person who cares about people. We need more of her," wrote one TikTok user.

In a video update, Huseman explained that they had only moved in weeks prior and hadn't realized that they didn't have any visible house numbers. Now, she's added mailbox stickers and house numbers, and plans on painting them on the driveway too.

After the attention on the doorbell video, Kelsey started her own TikTok account under the handle @queenofconsent, where she thanked people for the support online, adding the reason she notices safety concerns like the house numbers—she used to work in ResLife and student affairs, meaning she has crisis management experience.

"Anytime I do go out and deliver packages or make any deliveries, if I see something, I say something," she said.

In response to criticism over her choice to wear a crop top, Kelsey explained that as she's an Amazon Flex worker, she has no uniform.

Amazon Flex workers use their own vehicles and smartphones while working and are able to choose their own shifts by reserving them in advance.

In further videos, Kelsey also shared more insight on some safety concerts she notices while working. "Unclear entrances and exits," she noted. "What if you need to leave your house or EMS [Emergency Medical Services] needs to come into your house. Thinking about clear pathways, I often see a lot of bikes, like kids' bikes, in the front doors."

Kelsey's reason for going viral makes a stark difference from the type of videos viewers may be used to of Amazon delivery drivers. In August, one driver went viral after taking a seemingly dangerous shortcut to avoid traffic while June saw videos of Amazon workers delivering post-tornado and driving through floods to get their packages delivered in time.

Newsweek has contacted Jessica Huseman and Kelsey for comment.

Amazon delivery driver dropping off food
A delivery worker for the Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service, his face obscured in shadow, delivers groceries to a suburban home in San Ramon, California. A houseowner's doorbell footage of an Amazon driver's safety advice has gone viral online. Getty Images