Angler's Calm Reaction to Carolina Gator Hunting Inches Away Goes Viral

A woman claims she "died four times" after coming perilously close to an alligator, while her husband stands "inches" away completely unfazed.

A TikToker, who posts under the name CardiBarbie45, shared a video online of her and her husband fishing on a golf course.

Cardi is sat in the buggy while her other half is stood a few yards away with his rod and line, having a "business" call about a trip to a lagoon.

Cardi, from South Carolina's Lowcountry, captures her husband hooking a fish which he reels in, all while continuing his phone conversation.

But as he drags the fish to shore, Cardi captures movement on the water, as a giant alligator follows the fish in hot pursuit.

It launches itself onto dry land and chases after the fish, clamping it between its powerful jaws as it wolfs down the snack, before turning around and walking back into the water.

Throughout the ordeal Cardi's husband calmly continues his phone call, despite being stood right in front of the prehistoric animal.

Whereas Cardi lets out a series of profanities, as the gator steals the catch right in front of her eyes.

She shared the unbelievable encounter to TikTok, which she captioned: "I'm so scared and he's on the phone talking business like I didn't just die 4 times."

The clip has been viewed more than 13 million times, as people couldn't believe her husband's calm demeanour throughout.

Cardi even confirmed he was "stood there a few inches from the gator," and "didn't have a reaction."

His reaction has been applauded online, with TikToker Make it make sense saying: "He talking on the phone didn't even stutter skip a word nothing."

Wayne asked: "I just peed a bit. Who is he? Bruce Willis in Die Hard? Did he even flinch?"

Organizedchaospartyof8 wrote: "How does he not skip a beat??? Shawn don't even know ya'll almost died."

Kerri Kendall commented: "He didn't even pause his conversation."

Fellow TikTok user TJ admitted: "I hope to reach this level of unbothered, some day."

While Megan Bagel said: "How did you not scream at your husband?? Is this just normal? Lol."

This isn't the first Lowcountry alligator to hit the headlines recently, after a 12-foot gator from the same area was found with 24-year-old dog tags inside its stomach.

Ned McNeely of Ravenal, South Carolina, killed the gator, which weighed 445 pounds.

Butcher Kenneth Cordray, who runs a taxidermy shop, confirmed they also found a shell casing, turtle shells and a spark plug.

Wild alligator in the Everglades National Park
General view of a wild alligator in the Everglades National Park on April 02, 2021 in Miami, Florida. An angler's calm reaction to a Carolina gator hunting inches away has gone viral. AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images