Angler's 'Fish of a Lifetime' Is Invasive Carp With Rare Genetic Condition

A Tennessee angler caught the "fish of a lifetime" recently when he managed to reel in a rare bighead carp with an assumed rare genetic condition.

Victor Siwik of Reagan, Tennessee, was on a fishing trip with his wife to Reelfoot Lake on May 29 when he made the catch, just after he had planned to call it a day. Thankfully, he didn't, and as such Swiki has been gaining praise and attention in the Tennessee fishing community.

As per the website Field and Stream, Siwik headed to the lake on a solo fishing session while his wife slept, but he got more much than he bargained for, catching a 4 feet 1 inche long, 41-pound rare bighead carp.

What's rarer however was the coloring of the fish, with an all white shade with yellow and black markings.

Although not the biggest carp you can find (with bighead carp able to weigh up to 100lbs) this particular carp is assumed to have leucism, a condition which causes a lack of melanin and partial loss of pigmentation in animals.

"I have never seen or caught a fish like this one in real life," Siwki told Field and Stream. "The first thing I thought was 'thank you God,' because I knew I was blessed. Then, I was just really excited to show it to my wife."

It wasn't an easy catch by any means, explained Siwik, who spent 15 minutes battling the fish and was forced to jump into the water and grab it by the mouth with his own hands before dragging it out.

Siwik gained attention online after sharing his catch to a local Facebook angling group, posting images of the beast of a fish. "It almost took the rod from my hands when I first connected. I knew it was big and that I couldn't horse it in either," he wrote.

"I just let him tire itself out but when it got to the bank I put my arm in its mouth."

Siwik was close to giving up before catching the rare and impressive fish, after only managing to catch silver carp.

Although he caught a whopping 20 of them, the fish are an invasive species, known for jumping out of water. His hope for the trip was to reportedly catch a paddlefish.

Now, Siwik said he plans on getting his catch mounted to mark the occasion. "I've never really figured much on getting a fish mounted, but I believe I'm going to with this one. I took many measurements and pictures so it should be doable," he wrote on Facebook.

Just this week, an angler in Maryland broke a 44-year-old record after catching a giant carp while fishing on the shores of Chesapeake Bay.

The angler managed to catch a 49-pound carp, making it a new state record for a carp in the Chesapeake Division, said the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Newsweek has contacted Victor Siwik for comment.