'Anthem' Weapon Switch and Swap Guide: How to Change Your Arsenal

The Anthem demo is underway, giving players the chance to try out Javelins for the very first time. These exosuits can be equipped with two different main weapons and a secondary support ability, giving you a full kit to mess around with. In the demo, each Javelin has multiple weapons already unlocked, butin the main game you will have to grind for them. That's why this weekend is the best chance you'll have to see everything Anthem has to offer before it releases February 22.

anthem how to swap switch weapons guide
Finding how to swap your weapons in Anthem can be difficult EA

It's OK to be confused. Figuring out how to equip your weapons or swap them out isn't as straightforward as it should be. Here's how it all works.

How to Switch Weapons in Anthem

If you are playing on Xbox, you can switch to your Secondary weapon by holding the X button. On PlayStation 4, it's Square. In most games, just prsessing triangle or the d-pad is enough to equip what you need, but Anthem wants to be unique. I've heard of players switching between their guns in a fight and having no idea how to swap back.

How to Equip Weapons

In the main hub area, known as Fort Tardis, you can buy cosmetics, take missions and work on your Javelin. In the center of the town square stands the Forge, a giant metallic circle hovering off of the ground. To the left is a console that you can activate to pick a new Javelin. During the demo, you'll only be able to unlock one other exosuit at level 12. If you want to try one of the other Javelins, you'll either have to wait for the game to come out or try playing on a different device.

At the Forge, you can also change the abilities you have equipped and how your suit looks. It's essentially your homebase and will be where you are spending a lot of time.

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