Apple Products, Including Music, iCloud, Knocked Offline

On Monday, Apple users reported issues with their messaging, iCloud, Music and other software as systems seemed to have been knocked offline before being restored during the afternoon.

Apple experienced an outage with several services down, including websites such as and, in addition to other systems. Apple's system status page showed over a dozen outages.

As of Monday afternoon, Apple's support page on Twitter said all of the outages have been resolved, and its website shows that systems should be running normally after resolving 30 outages. Bloomberg reported that Apple told its employees the outage was caused by domain name system problems.

In recent months, major technology firms have reported isolated outages, including a Slack outage at the end of February and a Netflix service disruption in January. An Amazon outage impacted airlines and major websites last December.

Earlier on Monday, thousands of Apple users reported issues with their Apple systems. Over 2,000 reports were made about issues with iMessage and more than 4,000 reports concerned outages for iCloud and Apple Music, according to Downdetector.

Users wrote on Downdetector that they received an issue code of 504 on iCloud servers. Other users wrote that Apple TV wouldn't connect, apps wouldn't download and pictures wouldn't send. Apple updated its website at 1:57 ET to show that there were 19 current outages.

According to Apple's system status, the company's App Store, Arcade, Music, Apple TV, iTunes, podcasts, Radio, business manager, school manager, device enrollment program and Schoolwork were initially all out. The services may be slow or unavailable, according to the page.

Apple reported additional outages with Find My, various Maps functions and six iCloud systems. Business manager, school manager, device enrollment program and Schoolwork seemed to be back up and running after earlier disruptions.

Several people wrote on Downdetector about extensive issues with their iMessages, although Apple's website showed it was working properly at the time. One user, CryptoQueen, said it "started out that I couldn't send images. Now my phone number won't connect to iMessage and everything is green. Other friends are having same issues."

Several people went on Twitter to complain about issues with their Apple Music services and Maps that have caused disruptions to their day.

Twitter user @Omgitskenn said she had to pull over while driving to download another app after issues with Maps. "Apple Maps shut down literally while I was driving to my job interview…currently pulled over so I can download another app to use…wth."

User @ninetyfourSK posted on Twitter saying Apple Music stopped working and "now my joy is gone at work."

User @Henshaw wrote on Twitter that he had problems with multiple devices, saying, "Not only are Apple services down, but I also can't start up the two iMacs in my home. This is wild. Hoping this is just a major outage and not retribution from Russia. Also hoping my iMacs haven't been bricked."

During the outage, Apple's main Twitter account showed that the company had zero tweets.

Update 3/21/22, 4:14 p.m. ET: This article was updated with additional information.

Apple System Outages
On Monday, Apple users reported issues with their messaging, iCloud, Music and other software as systems seem to have been knocked offline. Above, a picture taken in center Milan on May 30, 2019, shows the logo of American multinational company Apple. Miguel Medina/ AFP/Getty Images