'Are You Happy?': Fast Food Worker's Unexpected Response Inspires Internet

The internet became inspired when they heard what a fast food employee said after he was asked a question about happiness.

In a video that has resurfaced and gone viral on Reddit's "MadeMeSmile" forum, a man asked a person working at a fast food restaurant if they were happy. The Reddit post has 41,000 upvotes and 900 comments.

The original video was posted to Tiktok in January of 2021. The video has 13.5k likes and has been viewed 230k times. The video comes from the account called @areyouhapppy, where the owners go around and ask people if they are happy as part of a documentary.

Some things to do to increase happiness in your daily life is enhance your social connections, engage in random acts of kindness, express gratitude, practice mindfulness and self-compassion.

Fast food worker happy
A video has resurfaced and went viral on Reddit that showed a fast food worker saying inspirational quotes about happiness. Ridofranz/iStock / Getty Images Plus

When responding "yes" to the man's question, he was asked the source of his happiness.

"That's tough. There's multiple sources of happiness. It's not just any one thing, it's mainly perception. Life is how you take it. Somebody always has it worse somewhere else right? I got a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I'm a pretty simple guy," the worker said.

In the final question, the man asked if he could tell the world one message, what he might say.

"Work together. Unite." he responded. "Stop dividing. The whole world is divided right now. Everybody needs to come together."

Reddit users compliment his words in the comment section.

"Dude is on point," wrote u/Consensualwrestling, "Very true words."

"Such a natural words coming out from his mouth," u/Tasty_Telephone-8839 replied. "And if you understand his thoughts you could agree that it's the only thing we need in this world. Life goes on."

"Aww, made me smile, definitely. My dude is right," u/theceure wrote.

U/KittyPitty said, "This guy knows the ropes."

"I would say he chooses to live simply and that's awesome," u/FartToMeInFrench added.

U/Sylux444 shared their opinion on happiness saying, "Happiness shouldn't be based on being better than someone else. It should be from feeling financially secure and able to still do what makes you happy. Work shouldn't be what makes you happy, because people will take that and abuse you by working the happiness out of you."

"Thanks dude. He deserves better than society is giving him, most of us probably do," u/Reticentandconfused commented.

"Simple guy with thoughts that could make the world a better place," u/snickns wrote.

Newsweek reached out to @areyouhapppy for comment.