Woman Asleep With Cat and Puppy After 8 Days Away Melts Hearts Online

A picture of a woman sleeping in an unusual spot has caught viral attention online.

Shared on Tuesday on Reddit, the image—uploaded by Tyler, who uses the handle tnick771—was posted with the caption: "Wife just got home from an 8-day trip... found her like this."

The adorable picture, which can be seen here, shows the woman curled up on a dog bed alongside a cat and young puppy. With more than 24,000 upvotes, the image has delighted Redditors on the popular forum r/aww.

But this woman missing her pets is no surprise. A recent survey by dog walking company Wag! asked pet parents across the U.S. about their upcoming return to the office following their time working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Asking 1,001 respondents, 41 percent said that they'll miss their dogs more than their kids or spouse.

Tyler and his wife live in Chicago with their cat Mikko and puppy Odin. He told Newsweek: "When I found them like that I felt a sense of relief that the family was back together and happiness that the pets seemed to miss her just as much as I did."

The survey also found that 93 percent of people reported that their dog has provided them with mental health support, while 48 percent attribute decreased anxiety to dog parenting.

Delighted by the wholesome image, Reddit users flooded the comments with their reactions. One user wrote: "So adorable! Love it! I just got a new pup recently and was debating on what kind of dog bed to get. Now I realize I'm going to need one that fits me too," another commenter agreed and said: "My kitty also has three of his own beds but he refuses to sleep in any of them except mine. On my pillow."

These commenters are not alone in stocking up on pet products for their furry family members. According to a new report by global technology research company Technavio, the pet accessories market witnessed a year-on-year growth of 5.7 percent in 2021 and is predicted to grow by over $9 billion by 2025.

Another commenter vouched for the comfortable nature of pet beds and wrote: "Those dog beds are comfortable. An earlier version of drunken me can attest."

Other viewers could not get enough of the adorable scene, one Redditor said: "This is so sweet, don't wake her up," and another wrote: "Please frame this and put it up."

"This is literally all I want from my life," said one comment. Another user wrote: "You better join the cuddle huddle, homie."

One Reddit user in the comments shared a similar heartwarming story of their return from a trip that itself gained hundreds of upvotes: "I got home from an eight-month deployment when I saw my life and family I held it together because I could talk to them and interact with them by FaceTime while I was away. But when our dog jumped into my lap, and was all over me and literally whimpering with happiness, that's when I lost it. Little guy stayed beside me all night."

"I feel like it just reflects that common idea that we all love our pets and sometimes they're the ones that make home truly feel like home," said Tyler.

Earlier this year, another dog caught viral attention after it was revealed that he could not sleep without being tucked up in bed like a human.

Woman asleep with pets
A woman falls asleep alongside her cat and dog after 8 days away from home. The picture, shared on Reddit, has delighted viewers. tnick771/Reddit

UPDATE 03/30/22, 09:10 a.m. ET: This article was updated with comments from the Reddit user.