'Outnumbered': Cat Hanging Out in Chicken Coop Delights Internet

A cat spending time with some unusual playmates has left the internet in stitches this week, after a viral video received over 1.6 million views.

Shared on Saturday by TikTok user vkdx17, the video shows the inside of a chicken coop where a tabby cat is surrounded by a group of chickens. With over 229,000 likes and thousands of delighted comments, the video has captured hearts on the popular video-sharing app.

In an article published in February, pet advice site Pet Keen reported that while cats and chickens might not seem like the best companions, they can learn to live in harmony when correctly introduced.


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In its 2019-2020 survey, the American Pet Product Association included questions about backyard chicken flocks for the first time. The APPA survey found that 10 percent of respondents reported owning backyard chickens, equating to around 10 million U.S. households.

To help avoid flying fur (and feathers), Pet Keen offered top tips for introducing your feline friend to chickens. Tips included introducing the pets when they are young, making sure not to rush things, not leaving the animals unsupervised, and utilizing a wire mesh fence as a barrier for the first few interactions.

Many people may be concerned for the welfare of the chickens in a "cat vs chicken" meeting, but Pet Keen reported that cats are actually more likely to be afraid of their feathered friends: "Cats tend to be afraid of chickens because of their size," it reported: "Of course, there are cases where cats have attacked and killed chickens, but it's not all that usual."

The key to cross-species harmony is patience and training, and while it can take time for your feline friend to adjust to a new flock, it is possible.

In the video, a chicken takes a brave peck at the cat who quickly retaliates with a light swipe, causing viewers to joke that the video had "Will Smith vibes," referencing the shocking moment at the Oscars when actor Will Smith struck Chris Rock in the face onstage.

Another TikTok user joked: "You are outnumbered, my friend," and another quipped: "Love how sassy cats are."

In January, another cat's unusual friendship caught the attention of the internet when a video of him spending time with his best friend—a hamster—received millions of views.

One viewer suggested that the cat's name should be "nuggets," and another said: "[The] cats like, 'let's take a selfie in KFC'."

Others were amazed by the interaction, one TikToker said: "This is the most amazing video ever," and another wrote: "Too cute!"

"The cat didn't like the kiss," wrote one viewer. Another joked that the cat was "surrounded by the enemy."

Newsweek has reached out to vkdx17 for comment.

Cat and chicken
A file photo of a cat with a chicken in a farmyard. A viral video of a cat spending time with a group of chickens has left the internet in stitches. Raphael Ruz/Getty Images