Arizona Billboard Shows Donald Trump Behind Bars in Prison Jumpsuit

A new billboard in Phoenix shows President Donald Trump behind bars wearing a prison jumpsuit and a badge that read "Don the Con".

The anti-Trump billboard was created by Santa Monica artist Karen Fiorito, according to local news reports and social media posts, who was commissioned by the billboard's owner Beatrice Moore.

A ticker below the image displays the increasing number of COVID-19 deaths across the country.

Fiorito yesterday posted images to her Facebook account of the artwork being installed on the billboard with a message asking: "What should we call it? 1. Don the Con 2. Lock Him Up 3. Bye Don! 4. Trump for Prison 2020."

Anti-Trump Protest Art on Phoenix, Arizona Billboard
The original artwork on the anti-Trump billboard displayed swastika-like dollar signs. The billboard has stood on Grand Avenue since March 2017. Artist Karen Fiorito created this original piece, and the updated version showing Trump behind bars in a prison jumpsuit Christian Petersen/Getty

Moore posted images of the billboard to her Facebook account, which lists her occupation as Director at the Grand Avenue Billboard Project.

This is the third political message carried on the billboard, located on Grand Avenue near 11th Avenue, over the last four years.

The project's Facebook page states: "Artists are commissioned to create an image for this privately funded billboard project."

The latest work is an altered version of the longstanding artwork that had adorned the billboard since the project's inception, with the addition of prison bars, prison jumpsuit and inmate badge.

Known as 'Trumpocalypse', the original artwork was replaced temporarily in June with a message that read: "Vote. Free and fair elections. Human rights. Believe science. No more corporate welfare. People and planet over profit. Affordable healthcare."

There was much speculation in the run up to, and since, November's election about whether President Trump may face criminal charges should he lose, as he will no longer be granted presidential immunity. The New York District Attorney is pursuing an investigation into whether Trump or one of his companies or family members committed fraud, following the release of his tax return during the campaign showed he had paid minimal contributions.

The new artwork was announced yesterday on Fiorito and Moore's Facebook accounts.

The billboard has become a local landmark in Phoenix. Last November, a flat red nose was added to the president's face, in turn replaced by a 3D clown nose in February.

On Facebook, Moore wrote of the new billboard, "Good photo-op; up until the last week of January."