'Attack on Titan' Manga Final Chapter: When and How to Read Online

While the Attack on Titan anime is set to finish later this year—or next—the source material is only a few days away from wrapping up.

The Attack on Titan manga, by Hajime Isayama, is set to release its final chapter and put a bow on Eren and the rest of the Scout's story. This Friday, April 9, will see Chapter 139 release in stores and online, marking the end of Attack on Titan after 11-and-a-half years of serialization.

When Kodansha Comics announced the end of the manga back in January, the publisher revealed that the 34th volume of the manga—which collects several chapters and will also be the series' last such volume—will ship on June 9 in Japan.

"I've been saying for the past eight years that it would be over in three years, and it looks like I'm finally going to be able to finish it," Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama said in a press release, translated from Japanese. "It's been a very long time coming, but I hope you can stay with me until the end."

attack on titan manga volume 1 cover
The cover to 'Attack on Titan' Volume 1 Kodansha

While we know the exact day that the final chapter of the Attack on Titan manga will release, the specific timing is another matter altogether. It's likely that the chapter will release Friday morning, but we'll update once we learn more.

However, it seems that spoilers for Attack on Titan Chapter 139 are already showing up online, ahead of its official release. While we won't link to any spoilers here, just know that they're out there—so be careful when treading through the internet.

To read Attack on Titan Chapter 139 online from legitimate sources, you will have to sign up for one of a variety of manga/comic sites.

Crunchyroll will have Attack on Titan Chapter 139 on its site this Friday. However, readers will need to sign up for Crunchyroll's Premium service. The site is offering a 14-day free trial when you input your credit card information. The Premium service not only gives members hundreds of chapters of manga to read, but ad-free anime viewing as well.

Comixology Unlimited will also have the latest chapter of Attack on Titan available to download. For $1.99, you can download Chapter 139 of the manga. Interestingly enough, the official page says the chapter will be available on Thursday, April 8.

According to the official Kodansha site, Inkr, Inkypen, Kindle Unlimited and Mangamo will also have the final chapter of Attack on Titan when it's released.

Are you excited to read the final chapter of Attack on Titan? How do you think the story will end? Let us know in the comments section.