Aunt Banished From Kids' Lives Praised Over Salty Comeback to Sister-in-Law

A woman telling her sister-in-law she "reaped what she sowed" after she was banned from being an aunt has been praised online.

The woman shared her in-law's bizarre stance to Reddit's Am I The A**hole forum, under username u/PayTraditional2213, as she explained she married her husband seven years ago.

At that time, his sister was the only one with children, but "it was made clear to me that I was not aunt and I have been essentially made to be a stranger to SILs children by her own choice. She even taught her children that I am not an aunt."

As a result she's not close to the kids, in contrast to the children her other in-laws later had.

File photo of woman playing with kids.
File photo of woman playing with kids. An aunt has revealed her sister-in-law banished her from having any role in her children's lives. SVPhilon/Getty Images

She wrote: "I believe I am a fun and generous aunt. I spend time with my nieces and nephews, I have painted stuff in their rooms for them as gifts because I am artsy. Sometimes I'll take them for fun little trips or buy them stuff.

"Even as a mom now I like to do that because I love those kids and I never had a family, so it's nice to have people who want me.

"I don't do any of this with SILs kids. I don't even try to speak to them anymore when I am at the same place as them because SIL has made such a big deal out of it.

"It seemed like I was supposed to ignore them and so I wasn't going to start drama or cause trouble for them by interacting, because I'm almost certain she told them not to talk to me."

The status quo had remained until the excluded children began questioning why she wasn't treating them in the same way.

She continued: "Now her kids are jealous and hurt that their cousins have cool paintings in their rooms or get to do xyz and they don't. She came to me and b*****d about it and told me I was an a**hole for making her kids feel that way.

"I told her that was HER fault, not mine. That she set the tone. She made it so I wasn't related to her kids and thus her kids hurt was her fault. I told her she reaped what she sowed and her poor kids were the biggest victim in it all."

Despite the situation unfolding in the banished aunt's favor, the sister-in-law had now used it as an example of why she'd kept her kids away.

"Of course she's p****d and now she's all like see, see, she's a bad person and this is why I didn't want my kids to think of her as their aunt," she added.

But ultimately she acknowledged: "The rest of the family are just rolling their eyes. But I know this didn't help. I also know it doesn't fix anything with her kids, who I do feel bad for."

The post, which can be seen here, amassed more than 11,000 upvotes since being posted on Monday, as people shared their views on the unusual family dynamic.

As the post blew up, she shared more information, claiming the sister-in-law treated all her siblings' spouses in the same way.

Sharing her reasoning, she explained: "I'm not her children's aunt by blood or adoption so I am not their aunt."

She made it so I wasn't related to her kids and thus her kids hurt was her fault."

Numerous Redditors slammed the sister-in-law, as Just_the_doctor1988 wrote: "NTA she didn't want you in their life and you respected that."

NightWitch65 commented: "I'm glad the rest of SIL's family know what she said is BS and not putting up with it. You keep being the awesome aunt, OP. And ignore that insane lady related to your husband! She's not worth your time. NTA."

BlueMoon5k pointed out: "NTA. You followed her instructions to not be their aunt. Sounds like the rest of the family knows she's a moron, too."

HotShotWriterDude observed: "Yup, SIL is mad that her plan be-careful-what-you-wish-for'd right on her face spectacularly, and what's worse? Her own kids are suffering from her stupidity."

Fantastic-Focus-7056 reckoned: "What a miserable person your SIL must be..."

Scheru joked: "I don't think she understands how aunts and uncles work lol. She doesn't sound too bright."

While Silly_Rabbit_1234 added: "Those poor kids! What a miserable person your SIL must be. I'm even called aunt by my friends kids. No marriage or blood relation, just love NTA."

The aunt later confirmed: "If they reach out to me when they are old enough I wouldn't turn them away."

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Aunts and uncles are often on hand for babysitting and spending quality time with children in numerous families, with a national aunts and uncles day celebrated on July 26.

And one woman, Melanie Notkin, believes so passionately about the role of aunt, she set up Savvy Auntie in 2009 as a "Celebration of Modern Aunthood."

Talking more about their crucial role in children's lives, Notkin said: "Aunts provide 'QualAuntie Time' helping develop nieces and nephews through bonding and play. And of course, many aunts are known for the gifts and 'Auntventure' experiences they give these children."

Newsweek reached out to u/PayTraditional2213 for comment.