Peter Roff

Newsweek Contributing Editor

Your Vote Is Your Voice

My choices may prevail, or they may not. It doesn't matter. My vote is my voice, just as your vote is yours.

What to Do About Columbus Day

Rather than abolish Columbus Day, let us add to its meaning. Let's make it the holiday that celebrates the accomplishments immigrants have made and continue to make for America and the world.

The 'Don't Do As I Do' Democrats

As a matter of policy, economic hypocrisy is just as big an issue as those that arise in matters of personal conduct. It's obvious to the people, at least when they know about it. It should be just as obvious to the press.

Democrats Cross the Line on Judges

The Democrats, whose frustration is causing them to lash out, are promising to leave no stone unturned in their attempt to upend Trump's coming nomination.

On 9/11, We Failed to Remember

We are one nation and, fundamentally, we all matter. In the heat of the moment, we've forgotten that. Yet rather than dwell on our errors, let's come together in our strengths to make this nation all it can be.

So Long, Tom Terrific

Tom Seaver, the Hall of Fame pitcher and greatest Met to ever wear the uniform, died this week, taking a bit of my childhood with him.

Why Trump Can Win

It's Donald Trump who has his finger on America's pulse. The Republican National Convention made that clear.

The Election Ain't Over Till It's Over

Summer polls have been wrong before, and Republicans have plenty of time to erase Joe Biden's lead. All they have to do is talk about what he'd do as president.