Bond is Back

Shake us. Stir us. James Bond is back and cooler than ever. The iconic spy at 50. By Simon Schama.

Vidal's Spidery Glee

Simon Schama says the provocateur brilliantly skewered our self-deceptions, though his irony developed a frosty rime at its bitter edge.

The Greatest Day of Her Life

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates a glorious 60 years on the throne with her Diamond Jubilee. Renowned historian Simon Schama recounts the day a 27-year-old woman galvanized a modern nation.

Titanic's Wake

All walks of life teemed aboard the RMS Titanic—from dollar dukes to striving immigrants. Little did they know how they would be betrayed.

Why You Should Care About Europe

As the economic crisis rages, leading British historian Simon Schama makes an impassioned plea: America's fate remains deeply intertwined with the continent.

Rome, Reimagined

Robert Hughes's exhilarating new history gives us an Eternal City steeped in more than the legends of Caesar.

Painter in the Flesh

Eye of the hawk: Lucian Freud was a profoundly confrontational artist, assaulting his subjects in paint. By Simon Schama.