Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop

Chinese Artists to Reimagine Top Luxury Brands

Painstakingly sewing shards of broken pottery recovered from ancient archeological digs, Li Xiaofeng creates "porcelain clothing" few would ever wear. Until now. Some of these works caught the attention of John Storey, the worldwide director of public relations for Lacoste, when he saw them displayed last November at the hip Beijing hotel The Opposite House. Storey recognized a great marketing opportunity, and commissioned the up-and-coming Chinese artist to create two iconic artworks.

East Transforms West in Chinese Opera

"The Legend of the White Snake" is one of the most famous Chinese tales. The story of a young scholar bewitched by a beautiful woman who is really a powerful white-snake demon has given rise to countless Chinese opera productions, films, and TV series. It is now also a Western-style opera performed in English that is set to tour China.

Remaking Hollywood Hits for Asian Audiences

Five years ago, Hong Kong film director and producer Peter Chan got an intriguing call from Warner Brothers: would he be interested in remaking The Bridges of Madison County with Chow Yun-Fat reprising Clint Eastwood's role and Chinese actress Gong Li stepping in for Meryl Streep? Chan thought transposing the action to China would work, but he couldn't spend the time on development, so nothing happened.

Graffiti Art—In Singapore?

Like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat before him, graffiti artist Daze made the move from spray-painting walls in New York to exhibiting canvases in art galleries around the world: Tokyo, Zurich, Miami, even Iowa City, Iowa.

Yachting Goes Green

As a sport, yachting may be all about harnessing the power of the wind, but for most superyachts, that's where ecofriendliness ends. Typically, these 45-meter-plus boats guzzle huge amounts of fuel while their owners host lavish parties that require high-powered amenities like air conditioning and fancy sound systems.

For Hotels, Breakfast is the Most Important Meal

Even guests who never eat breakfast when they're home have trouble resisting a well-appointed breakfast buffet on the road. A recent survey of business and leisure travelers in Asia by Le Méridien hotel group showed that 60 percent of leisure travelers and 40 percent of business ones eat more than usual when traveling, and more than 80 percent favor the buffet breakfast.

New Pared-Down Luxury Watches Capture the Moment

The luxury-watch industry has gotten the message: pare it down. Small, slim, unadorned timepieces capture the mood of the moment. In his very first watch collection, Ralph Lauren has unveiled a series of delicate classic watches that exude luxury without bling; the Stirrup Collection features an equestrian silhouette, with Roman numerals and a "railroad track" minute marker.