Baby's Face Lights Up After Trying Queso for First Time in Adorable Video

A video showcasing a baby's adorable reaction to tasting queso for the first time has resurfaced on social media with viewers praising his entirely relatable response.

There's something undeniably wholesome about watching a young child experiencing life's simple pleasures for the first time. This is especially true when it comes to videos of young children experiencing new foods and flavors.

Whether it's a young tot experiencing the sweet hit of a popsicle for the first time or a baby biting into their first slice of pizza, videos like this make for life-affirming viewing.

So, it's hardly a surprise to see another clip of this kind garnering a lot of attention on Reddit; it's funny, cute and tugs at the heartstrings.

In the clip posted online by dobbyisafreepup, a boy with thick black hair can be seen being fed a plain tortilla chip coated in the popular cheese-based dip.

Distracted by something off camera, the child is nevertheless happy to receive the snack.

The real magic comes as the queso hits his taste buds with the boy's eyes lighting up with delight at the unfamiliar flavor.

Soon enough, his blank expression transforms to one of sheer joy with the widest of smiles spread across his face.

Upvoted 39,500 times, the heartwarming footage first resurfaced online back in January of this year, when New York Times journalist Alexis Benveniste shared the clip.

It actually originates from a TikTok video posted in April 2020 by the boy's mom, Perla Janet, under the username livinglifebelike. The clip has been viewed 4.1 million times.

According to the account, the boy featured in the video is called Joshua. You can watch the original here.

Newsweek has contacted Perla Janet for comment.

Brought back to the fore by the Reddit repost, the simple magic of what unfolds was not lost on those commenting under the newly shared version.

LaceyDark wrote: "To be fair I still make this face when I eat queso," with Oxford89 concurring: "This is still 100 percent my internal reaction. Every single time."

A_11- found Joshua's reaction to the Queso fascinating. "It's like you can see the wires/instinct in action processing and responding to creamy, savory, fat, and salt," they said.

GingerSteve viewed the reaction in more simplistic terms as simply an example of "instant happiness," while Dica called it "love at first bite."

MrVisnosky, meanwhile, was left feeling rather hungry after watching the video. "This should be the commercial," they wrote. "That kid sold me on the cheese."

Cheese may have brought a smile to the face of Joshua and countless billions around the world, but it should always be enjoyed in moderation.

Excessive cheese consumption can lead to weight gain, heart disease, high blood pressure and other stomach issues.

The American Heart Association recommends adults eat no more than three portions of cheese a day, with each serving capped at 42 grams.

A baby being fed food.
Stock image of a baby being fed food. A video of a young child trying a familiar melted cheese dish has proven popular on Reddit. ilmoro100/Getty