'Back to the Future' Hidden Detail Spotted by Movie Buff

Fans of cult classic Back To the Future are sharing a little known detail in the film you may have never noticed before.

The now-familiar plot tells the story of high-schooler Marty McFly, who travels back in time with the help of Doc Emmett Brown's DeLorean.

Movie buffs claim the original 1985 movie contains an "Easter egg" after noticing the name of the mall change throughout the film.

Sharing a clip to their TikTok page, hiddenmoviedetails, one super-fan explained the significance of Hill Valley's mall.

They said: "Did you know that in Back To The Future, made in 1985, when Marty is first meeting up with the Doc to see the DeLorean, he's meeting up at Twin Pines Mall. But later in the movie, when Marty's coming back from the past, we can see that the mall has changed to Lone Pine Mall.

"So we have Twin Pines Mall, and Lone Pine Mall, but that's not a mistake. Because when Marty first went back to the past, he ran over one of these pine trees, which is where the mall would eventually be built.

"So Marty ran over the pine tree which turned it into Lone Pine Mall, when it was originally Twin Pines Mall."

The plot sets up the twist after Doc, played by Christopher Lloyd, reminisces about how much Hill Valley has changed in the last 30 years with Marty, played by Michael J. Fox.

Doc recalls the land the mall stands on once belonged to Otis Peabody, otherwise known as "old man Peabody," who used to grow pine trees.

The ranch was called the Twin Pines Ranch, due to the pair of trees which stood at the front of the property, and where the mall subsequently got its name.

But when Marty travels back in 1955 he runs over one of the pine trees, after fleeing a shotgun-toting Peabody who mistakes him for an alien with a UFO.

This causes a chain reaction and when he returns to the future, the mall has been changed to the Lone Pine Mall.

The TikTok clip revealing the "Easter egg" has been watched more than 32 million times, as some people admitted they'd never made the connection before.

User Oh its Lomeli wrote: "They put in details that people wouldn't notice for years."

While ajmendezsteel commented: "I've seen it a hundred times... never saw that. Good catch!!"

And Riley Rouland thought: "I wonder if anyone noticed that when they first saw it back in the 80s."

The film later became a trilogy with the release of part II in 1989, and part III in 1990.

Marty & Doc; Back To The Future
Marty (Michael J. Fox, R) lands with Dr. Brown's (Christopher Lloyd) time machine in the year, 1955. Fans have pointed out this unseen detail in the 1985 film Back To The Future. Getty Images/FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives