Bargain Hunter Reveals How to Make a Dollar Tree 'Lazy Susan' For Just $3

A bargain hunter has revealed exactly how to make your own "Lazy Susan" at home, for just a few bucks.

Sharing a video on her TikTok page, Do It On A Dime, the woman shared a snap of her chaotic kitchen cupboard, a common sight in many households.

But you can easily declutter your cabinet with minimal cost, as she revealed you only need three items from Dollar Tree to make your own Lazy Susan at home.

Filming her kitchen, she said: "You've got a messy cabinet. Put marbles in a Dollar Store cake pan, add another on top, and you've got a $3 Lazy Susan."

In the clip her cupboard goes from cluttered to streamlined in seconds, as she films the DIY organizer spinning with ease on the marbles.

She captioned the video, which has been viewed more than six million times: "Fix your life from the Dollar Tree."

The nifty organizer soared in popularity recently thanks to the likes of home renovation shows, including Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and The Home Edit.

Co-presenters of The Home Edit, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, have a huge celebrity client list, and recently turned their tidying tutorials into a Netflix show.

The pair have their own range at The Container Store, which they visit practically every episode. The collection features their signature pieces including labels, drawer organizers, make-up storage and of course—the Lazy Susan.

Otherwise referred to as a turntable, the nifty space-saving storage solution comes in various shapes and sizes, with certain lines currently on sale via the website.

Fans can pick up a clear plastic divided Lazy Susan for $29.99, and there are bamboo and stainless steel versions too. Some are two-tiered and others are specifically designed for the refrigerator, ranging from $11.99 to $19.99.

The most expensive design is a large version which costs $39.99, meaning fans could save as much as $36.99 by making their own.

The TikToker's hack has gone down a storm online, with people calling her a "genius."

Commenting on the video, Shaneastajackson wrote: "Thank you!! I love cheap inventions that really work."

While Wheat024 thought: "Nah this is productive Susan."

Paul in Kansas raved: "I'm doing this!! My spice cabinet is a wreck."

Gabrielle commented: "I literally thought about how I needed one of these yesterday but didn't want to spend $30+."

And Randall M. Way added: "5 min crafts should take note. This is the idea we want!!"