'Best Hack in the World' Video Claims a Coin Can Help If You Get Locked Out

Getting locked out of your house can be a timely and costly mistake, and one which isn't appreciated in bad weather or when with small children.

But a viral video has claimed you get into your house quickly without resorting to smashing a window, and all you need is a coin, Scotch tape, scissors and some plastic.

TikTok user, jorgevalenzuelam, shared a clip which he captioned "el mejor hack del mundo." which translates to "the best hack in the world."

Demonstrating how it works, he brings up a photo on his phone of his house key next to a Euro, for scale.

He grabs a physical coin and sticks it onto a piece of Scotch tape, which he pops over the image.

Jorge then enlarges the photo so the coin sizes are aligned, and draws around his key with a pen.

The next step involves sticking the Scotch tape with the key outline onto a firm piece of plastic, which you can easily cut.

Using scissors Jorge cuts out the shape of the key, which he trims slightly until it fits into the lock.

But after demonstrating how it's too flimsy to turn the lock, in a follow-up clip Jorge revealed the last step to unlock the door is to use the scissors again.

With the plastic key fully inserted into the lock, he uses the top of the scissors to turn the mechanism, opening the door.

The clips have racked up a combined total of more than 50 million views, as the "hack" divided opinion.

TikTok user Angie commented: "I guess I should take a picture of my house key beside a coin in case I get locked out."

Zorak47 explained: "You lost your key so you ask your neighbor for scissors and plastic."

While Ingrid Diaz joked: "Leave Tupperware, tape and scissors outside house."

Keys on a roadside
Stock image of lost car keys on distressed road painted yellow lines. A viral video has claimed you can used a coin, scissors and some plastic to gain entry if you're locked out. EzumeImages/Getty iStock