Bear Plays with Action Figures While Swimming in Kiddie Pool Amid Heat Wave

After this animal's dip in the cool, he must be feeling "beary" cool.

Footage has gone viral of a massive black bear taking a break from his summer walk with a quick dip in a nearby kiddie pool filled with children's toys, which charmed animal lovers online.

According to a report from WFSB, the footage was captured by a Connecticut woman known only as Jessica Z. The outlet reported that the bear hopped in her child's pool located in Plainville on June 7.

The video starts after Jessica and her son safely make their way inside away from the black bear. The massive animal appears docile, enjoying the cool water and accompanying toys. He swims around the inflatable pool and chews on a few abandoned action figures as the boy and his mom watch on from behind the camera.

"I can't believe bears are that huge, mommy," the boy remarks. "They're huge, huh," she agrees.

The unnamed boy is delighted at the sight of the bear having fun, and is heard giggling off-screen when the bear sticks its snout into the water and exhales to make bubbles. When the bear sits up and begins chewing on one of his toys with more force, he appears resigned to losing the figure.

"He's gonna really eat those?" he asks defeatedly.

The video ends as the bear sits up again with his new toy and the boy remarking, "I can't believe there's a bear in our yard!"

The footage was later obtained by video aggregator Viral Hog online. According to their YouTube video description, Jessica and her child were also trying to cool off when the bear arrived.

"I was outside with my son in the pool when the bear came through bushes. He just wanted to cool down during this heatwave! He even had some fun playing with action figures during his dip in a kiddie pool," she told Viral Hog.

The video was subsequently posted on their multiple social media platforms and charmed millions of Facebook viewers. The video has been viewed over 4.1 million times and liked by more than 387,000 users.

"He is just a big ol pup!! he needed to cool down and play with some G.I. Joe toys!" one viewer remarked. "I bet Mama Bear was wondering [where] her cub snuck off to this time. I would be amazed too if I saw a wild animal in my yard swimming in my pool and playing with my toys," another reflected.

Others sympathized with the boy, as many agreed that his toys likely would need to be thrown away after the bear got his paws on them.

"Great lesson for the kids to make sure they pick up their toys after playing," one viewer joked. "Love this kid, I can't believe there's a bear in my yard. Not, Aww man, the bear is tearing heads off my toys & possibly going 2 eat them.

"Sharing is caring," another added.

A few noted that though the visit seemed harmless, there was a chance he could return and could get more violent.

"He/she looks like a young bear enjoying a cool down in a pool. Pretty cool but now remember to check around before the kids go out in the pool. This little one ... will likely come back for more pool time. Love the way the folks handled it by not totally freaking out," one wrote.

Similarly, in late May a group of bears in Tennessee was caught on video "gatecrashing" a pool party at a communal club. Another bear in New Hampshire was recorded getting a workout in with a "pole dancing" routine.

Bear plays with toys in kiddie pool
This bear decided to go for a dip in the pool to cool off during a hot day and play with the toys floating inside. @viralhog/Facebook