How the 'Bel-Air' Reboot Cast Compares to the Original 'Fresh Prince' Characters

People may have long thought it was a joke, but it's here: Bel-Air, the gritty reboot of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The first three episodes air on Peacock from Sunday, February 13.

In this dramatic take on the classic comedy, the premise is the same: Will Smith gets into some trouble in his native Philly and is sent by his mother to go and live in the fancy house of their wealthy relations, the Banks.

Though the entire Banks family returns, from patriarch Phil to their youngest child Ashley, some of the characters have been subtly changed to make them feel more 21st century.

Read on to meet all the new Bel-Air actors, and to see how they compare with the original Fresh Prince characters...

Will Smith

will smith bel air
Jabari Banks and Will Smith as Will Smith NBC

Originally played by: Will Smith

Now played by: Jabari Banks

You know him, you love him: the young man who in West Philadelphia, born and raised...(you know the rest). The new version of Will closely follows the original, though all that "shooting some b-ball outside of the school" has also made him a college-level athlete.

Philip Banks

uncle phil bel air
Adrian Holmes and James Avery as Uncle Phil NBC

Originally played by: James Avery

Now played by: Adrian Holmes

Phil's uncle, who in the original is a lawyer who becomes a judge as the series goes on. While the original Uncle Phil decided against a political career in one episode of Fresh Prince, the new version starts the show in the midst of a political campaign.

Vivian Banks

aunt viv bel air
Cassandra Freeman (left), Janet Hubert (right top) and Daphne Maxwell Reid (right bottom) as Aunt Viv NBC

Originally played by: Janet Hubert (who was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid)

Now played by: Cassandra Freeman

An English literature professor married to Uncle Phil. The new version sees Aunt Viv as an art teacher, who previously was an artist in her own right, but gave it up at some point before the events of Bel-Air.

Carlton Banks

carlton bel air
Olly Sholotan and Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton NBC

Originally played by: Alfonso Ribeiro

Now played by: Olly Sholotan

Will's cousin and pretty much his exact opposite character-wise. In the original, his relationship was sometimes fraught but always loving, while in the new version the lacrosse-playing (and possibly drug-addicted) Carlton starts the show as a real enemy to Will.

Hilary Banks

hillary bel air
Coco Jones and Karyn Parsons as Hilary NBC

Originally played by: Karyn Parsons

Now played by: Coco Jones

It's 2022, so of course Bel-Air's version of Hilary Banks is an influencer. She aspires to be a chef but, like the original version, is living a slightly aimless life at home after dropping out of college.

Ashley Banks

ashley banks bel air
Akira Akbar and Tatyana Ali as Ashley Banks NBC

Originally played by: Tatyana Ali

Now played by: Akira Akbar

Will's youngest cousin shares most of her traits with the original version—she is 12 years old, and very close with her cousin.

Geoffrey Butler

butler bel air
Jimmy Akingbola and Joseph Marcell as Geoffrey

Originally played by: Joseph Marcell

Now played by: Jimmy Akingbola

One of the things that has aged the least well in our post-financial crisis times was the fact that the Banks' had an actual butler. Geoffrey is still a part of Bel-Air, and still works for Phil, but his role is less clear.