'Mama Bear' Charges at Man to Protect Her Cubs in Viral Video

A California woman has shared the moment her brother found a family of bears in their garage in a viral video.

The footage, shared by TikTok user @sweetbunnytea, showed her brother opening the door to their garage in Lake Tahoe, only to discover a "mama bear" and her three cubs inside.

The video's caption described the animals as black bears. There are an estimated 25,000 to 35,000 black bears in California, according to the U.S. Forest Service, and residents of North and South Lake Tahoe have reported increased numbers of sightings in recent years.

The clip, which has gained more than 500,000 likes in two days, is captioned: "Left the garage open for like five minutes, my brother found baby bears going through our stuff and mama bear charged him."

In the footage, the bear begins to charge at the man, who swiftly closes the door before any damage can be done. After one viewer commented that he didn't make as much noise as you'd expect from someone being charged at by a bear, @sweetbunnytea joked that her brother has "balls of steel."

In later comments on the video, she explained: "We heard cans falling in the garage and thought maybe someone came home. But it was just some curious bears who broke water bottles and drank from them."


left garage open for like 5 minutes my brother found baby bears going through our stuff and mama bear charged him 😬#bears #bearscare

♬ Nobody - Mitski

The original video was uploaded to TikTok with the song "Nobody" by Mitski as its soundtrack, but @sweetbunnytea has since reposted the footage with various comic tunes and sound effects, after requests from commenters.

She also confirmed in a follow-up video that her brother was eventually able to get the bears out of the garage. "No violence was necessary" from the "mountain man," as she described him.

"My brother closed and locked the door, mama bear didn't try anything. My brother then went to the front door, yelled and then closed it. Then we went to the garage door and we could see the bears took off running because they got scared," she said.

Newsweek has contacted @sweetbunnytea for comment.

This video was released just weeks after a teenager, Hailey Morinico, went viral for shoving a bear from her garden wall in order to protect her dogs. The 17-year-old was dubbed a "hero" and became an internet sensation for her quick thinking.

In rather different ursine video news, a New Hampshire man captured a black bear doing something like pole dancing outside his house. The viral video was set to upbeat music, making the clip all the more hilarious.

Black bear cub and mother
Young black bear and its mother in Sequoia National Park, California. A video showing a black bear and its cubs exploring a home's garage has gone viral. Getty Images. Getty Images