Armed Black Militia to Descend on Louisville Demanding Justice for Breonna Taylor

An armed Black militia group who made national news for a march demanding the removal of a Confederate monument in Georgia have announced they will be "descending" upon Kentucky on Saturday to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

John Fitzgerald Johnson, also known as The Real Grandmaster Jay, leader of the Not F***ing Around Coalition (NFAC), said the group will be taking part in a formation in Louisville on July 25 in videos posted online.

In one video, Johnson urged NFAC to arrive dressed in "black boots, black button down shirts, black mask, shotgun, semi-automatic or rifle, pistols [in] thigh holsters or under your arm."

Johnson added: "If you are not in that uniform, you won't be in the formation.

"No fake guns this time. I'm not playing with you all, I'm trying to keep you safe."

Johnson also discouraged those who aren't NFAC members from trying to take part in the formation.

"This ain't no spectator sport, you can come out if you want to. If you want to watch history, that's cool. But understand the seriousness of the situation," he said.

Taylor was shot several times by the Louisville Metro Police Department on March 13 after officers had served a no-knock search warrant at her home during a drug investigation.

There have been increasing calls for the officers involved in the fatal shooting to face criminal charges.

The NFAC previously staged a major demonstration in Georgia's Stone Mountain Park on July 4 to demand that a monument carved into a rock face commemorating former Confederate president Jefferson Davis and Southern generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson be removed.

The nine-story-high bas-relief sculpture, completed in 1972, is the largest Confederate memorial in the world.

Johnson said that the latest NFAC gathering in Louisville on Saturday is not "a game."

"We just need somebody in custody for the murder of Ms Breonna, that's all," Johnson said.

"I'm sorry that it's got to come to this, but y'all aint really left us no choice."

The Louisville Metro Police Department said they are aware of the posts about the planned armed formation.

"As with all protests we learn about, we attempt to reach out to organizers to understand what their plans are," the department told WAVE in a statement.

"We have had several protests posted over the past several weeks, some of which have occurred and some which have not. We will take the appropriate steps to prepare for whatever may occur."

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer also the city is prepared for the NFAC's arrival.

"So our police force will be in touch with the event organizers—in this case NFAC— to understand what their goals are coming into town," he told WDRB.

"So people have the First Amendment right to free speech, but we coordinate with those groups to make sure that everybody is safe. And then we also have the amount of resources that we need to make sure that the situation is managed properly."

Johnson has been contacted for comment.

Breonna Taylor
Artist Claudine Anrather wearing a mask holds her hand painted sign tribute to Breonna Taylor in Union Square Park, New York on July 17. A Black militia group have announced they will be in Kentucky on Saturday to demand justice for the 26-year-old. Ira L. Black/Corbis/Getty