Bloodthirsty, 'Psycho' Squirrel Attacks 18 in Small Town Christmas Rampage

A Welsh town is being held in the grip of fear by a most unusual source, a grey squirrel that is attacking residents.

Wales Online reported that the serial squirrel has indiscriminately attacked pensioners, pets, and children, jumping at people taking out the garbage, and been chasing after people down streets as they flee.

Residents of Buckley have been left bitten and bruised by the attacks, which have even left some of them having to have tetanus jabs.

The squirrel has been named "Stripe" after the Mogwai that terrorizes Gizmo in Joe Dante's 1983 film Gremlins, with some residents of Buckley labeling the squirrel a "psycho."

One resident of the town wrote on Facebook: "Warning, vicious squirrel that attacks. Has bitten me, attacked my friend... and multiple other people. It's also attacked my two Bengals, who fear nothing, and my neighbors' Bengal cats. Dare not go out of my house, as it's lurking."

Other residents of the town posted pictures of injuries caused by the creature. Posting a picture of her mangled finger, one wrote: "This squirrel is not very nice at all, just had me when collecting my recycling bags. Let's just say it had me good an' proper little s***."

After being attacked herself and becoming concerned for the safety of youngsters, 65-year-old Buckley resident Corinne Elizabeth Reynolds took it upon herself to snare Stripe.

She wrote on Facebook: "I've borrowed a humane trap now and set it up in my garden I will know if it's the same squirrel he has bald patches on its tail if it's not the right one I will set it free and try again.

"I will sadly have to take it to my vet to be PTS [put to sleep] I'm not risking my 2-year-old grandson going in the garden till it's gone."

On Monday the efforts of Reynolds, who has been feeding the animal since the summer, paid off when she caught the squirrel. She has since attempted to contact animal rescue charities, but as this has failed, Stripe now faces being put to sleep by vets.

It would be illegal for the vets or Reynolds to release Stripe back into the wild as under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is illegal to release captured grey squirrels, as they are considered an invasive species.

"For me to want to put to sleep an animal was a step not taken lightly," she said. "But I'm not putting my grandson at risk of getting bitten by a squirrel who just lunges for an attack."

A stock image of a yawning grey squirrel. A squirrel recently went on a 48 hour ramage in a Welsh town injuring 18 people. Getty/Dgwildlife