Boss Takes Workers to Dinner, Requests They Pay for Own Meals in Viral Post

A worker has taken to Reddit to reveal their boss took them and their colleagues to dinner, requesting they pay for their own meals before leaving, which shocked some and garnered a lot of support from others.

The situation was recounted in the subreddit "Antiwork," and the post has received over 32,000 upvotes so far. The poster, u/BrushProfessional350, shared the information on February 21. The post is titled, "Boss takes us out to company dinner, and expects us to all pay at the end."

The original poster (OP) wrote: "So my boss said we should go celebrate a good year with a company dinner. At the end he goes, 'So this technically isn't on the company dime, so I'm going to need you all to individually pay for your meals.'"

The OP didn't mince words about the situation. "What the hell? I wouldn't be here if I knew I would have to pay to celebrate 'the company's success,'" they added.

The Redditor also revealed in a comment that they paid for their meal, but they "made it clear" they "would be switching jobs soon."

Women looking at check
A boss took workers to dinner, requesting they pay for their own meals in a viral Reddit post. Here, two women look at the check. FRANTIC00/GETTY

According to a DoorDash survey of 1,000 workers in the country, 85 percent of people surveyed said regular food deliveries would increase "job satisfaction." About 21 percent said daily free food deliveries are the top benefit they want. Three out of every five employees don't receive food benefits of any kind from their employer.

Over 2,000 comments came in for the OP of the post with some people recounting their own similar stories, while others had choice words about the situation.

One Redditor didn't think it's "much of a celebration if the company can't even buy dinner." The OP replied saying the company cut their bonuses for the following year as well.

Some users had their own advice for the OP on how to handle the situation. "Pay for your portion, and submit the receipt to accounting for reimbursement for a business dinner," a Reddit user weighed in.

Others didn't hold back with their thoughts about the boss who wouldn't pay for the employees' dinners. "Oh, you are joking," a user suggested. "What a cheap f**ker. Invite him for lunch, and ask him to pay at the end."

While some Redditors had responses like, "That is absolutely ridiculous," and "That is beyond disgusting."

A Redditor thought the manager should have paid if they knew the company wouldn't be footing the bill. "If that wasn't possible, it should have been clearly communicated," they said while adding, "I'm sorry, but that's insane."

Some revealed their own experiences that were similar to the OP's plight. One Redditor's boss did the same thing. He invited the employees to lunch, "which in my experience, suggests he is paying! Then at the end of lunch, he asked everyone to pay their share. Wtf?"

Newsweek reached out to u/BrushProfessional350 for comment.