Boston Bruins' Historic $156K Bar Tab After Winning Stanley Cup Resurfaces

A resurfaced picture from 11 years ago showing a jaw-dropping bar tab worth over $150,000 has sparked online outrage.

On June 15, 2011, the Boston Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks, 4-0, in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final at Rogers Arena, ending a 39-year championship drought. Accordingly, the Bruins decided to party hard.

They celebrated at the Shrine nightclub at Foxwoods Casino, in Mashantucket, Connecticut, and ended up drinking over $156,000 worth of beverages in one night.

The picture of the tab was posted many times on social media, including on Reddit, by a user called 5_Frog_Margin, who also added a caption explaining whose tab it was: "The Boston Bruins bar tab from Foxwoods Casino after winning the Stanley Cup 11 years ago."

The post has attracted a lot of attention among Redditors, receiving over 46,300 upvotes and 2,491 comments since Tuesday.

The average base salary of a bar staff member in the U.S., according to Indeed, is about $16.20.

While the receipt had dozens of drinks on it, including liquors, beers, wines, and nonalcoholic drinks, most of it was due to the purchase of the rare 30-liter bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne called the Ace of Spade "Midas" bottle, which alone cost $100,000.

Most users found the prices of some regular drinks outrageous. YounomsayinMawfk said: "$100k for one bottle?! What [does this bottle] cure cancer?!" And HobbesNJ added: "$300 for a bottle of Captain Morgan's? That's criminal."

One user, Grimjacx pointed out: "That one guy who pitches in for a Heineken light and a glass of the comp champagne." And EricJF50 answered: "I believe that was Zdeno Chara. He had a ridiculous commitment to his training regimen. I believe he had 1 light beer and a chicken wing to celebrate. Can't remember where I read it might be wrong."

DanaThamen explained: "That bottle is 30 liters, equal to 40 regular size bottles. Still, that would make it 2500 per regular 750 ml bottle." And tysoncrosby21 said: "$2500 a bottle for high end champagne with table service is pretty normal."

Another user, woozlewuzzle29 joked: "I bet that person wanted to split the tab evenly. I had the $100k bottle, you had the $6 Blue Moon, so...that'll be $50,003 each." Illegible added: "we all had that friend" And FlyingDragoon said: "But, bro, you tasted some of mine so you owe me at least half."

Another user, djchefdaddy commented: "Shout out to the guy who ordered two Coors Lights at an open bar." And brown_burrito joked: "He was watching his calories."

And some thought the bill wasn't even that expensive. IMovedYourCheese said: "$156K is still a pretty low number considering it'll be some billionaire picking up the tab (celebrating the fact that his investment went up in value considerably due to the win)."

Men celebrating
A stock image shows a group of friends celebrating. A resurfaced picture from a 2011 hockey championship afterparty has gone viral, sparking outrage. Getty Images