Boy, 13, Who Drew Stickman Holding Gun Suspended From School Over Doodle

A boy was suspended for two days from his North Carolina school for drawing a stickman holding a rifle. But the superintendent defended the decision, saying educators must be "extra vigilant" because of the school shootings and gun violence gripping America.

James Herring's 13-year-old 7th-grade son was suspended from Roseboro-Salemburg Middle School after doodling a man with a gun and scope. On the same page, the boy drew a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, a magician and a "suped-up mini-car."

"When I see that, I see a normal 13-year-old boy," Herring, who thinks the school overreacted, told ABC-13. "I drew pictures like this. Any other person of this age drew drawings like this. It's nothing to get expelled from school for."

Eric Bracy, superintendent of Sampson County Schools, told the news channel that the drawing violated the school's code of conduct. "Due to everything happening in the nation, we're just being extra vigilant about all issues of safety," he said.

stickman gun
The drawing of a stickman holding a gun that got a boy suspended for two days from his North Carolina school. ABC-13

Schools are on high alert after yet another school shooting in the U.S., which reignited the gun control debate.

In February, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 people, many of them children, at his former school in Parkland, Florida. President Donald Trump responded by calling for more armed teachers in schools across the country.

As Cruz awaits trial, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School launched a national movement against gun violence to honor their friends who were victims and to push for stricter gun laws.

This movement culminated in the March for Our Lives protest on March 24, in which millions of students took to the streets in cities across America to call for change. In Washington, D.C., alone, around 800,000 people marched for an end to gun violence in schools.