Bride's Brutal Remark to Teen Celebrating Sweet 16 Divides Internet

A bride-to-be's clash with a 15-year-old girl during her wedding dress fitting has left the internet seriously conflicted, with some saying she went too far in her remarks to the teen while others have suggested she didn't go far enough.

The run-up to a wedding is a stressful period for any would-be bride or groom with any number of tasks to complete before the big day arrives. Tensions run high and tempers can fray, particularly when it comes to sorting crucial elements—such as the wedding dress.

However, one soon-to-be-married woman may have taken things to new heights after becoming embroiled in a spat with a teen preparing for her 16th birthday.

Details of the sorry saga entered the public sphere after the bride-to-be took to Reddit's notorious "Am I The A**hole?" subreddit to voice her frustrations at how events played out.

Posting under the handle RelationshipMain4109, she explained how an already tense day of wedding dress shopping with her mother-in-law was worsened by the presence of a 15-year-old by the name of Emily.

Emily is the daughter of her mother-in-law's boyfriend and, according to the poster, is "ridiculously spoiled" with her two divorced parents "in competition for her love" and with "some serious cash to throw around."

As if all that wasn't enough, the bride-to-be admitted she and her mother-in-law "don't have the best relationship," with the trip representing an attempt at an "olive branch" between the two.

According to the post, Emily is due to have her sweet 16 birthday the same month as the bride's wedding and has been "talking about it non-stop" for the past few weeks.

Fast-forward to the three of them, along with the bride's mother, looking around the bridal boutique for the perfect dress for her nuptials, when suddenly Emily "found a dress she loved for her party."

This "bothered" the bride-to-be immensely, with her mom agreeing it was "bad etiquette" for the teenager to hijack what was supposed to be her special occasion.

Emily heard this and accused the pair of being "zillas" (meaning Bridezillas) in demanding the bride be the sole focus of everything. But the teen refused to back down, going on to blame the bride for the mother-in-law's "strained" relationship with her son.

At that point, the bride-to-be erupted at Emily saying she had "no idea what she is talking about" and adding that "a wedding is way, way more important than some birthday party."

"I said birthdays come every year and it really isn't that special," she added.

Emily fired back that the bride-to-be's choice of dresses was "basic" before both she and the woman's mother-in-law stormed out of the boutique.

The posting, which has garnered over 11,000 interactions, drew a mixed response on Reddit. Some were scathing of the bride-to-be's behavior.

"Why are you arguing with a child because they are excited about their birthday compared to your wedding?" OneMikeNation asked. "Maybe you should grow up a little."

Frog-with-teeth agreed, saying it's not uncommon for 15-year-olds to be excited about their Sweet 16. "It's a big deal to them even if it isn't to adults," they said, adding: Why would she be as enthused about the wedding of someone she doesn't know very well?"

FrankieLovie commented: "I can not fathom a scenario where I would be so bothered by another person trying on a dress while at a dress shop. Who gives a s***." They added: "This is drama for the sake of drama. Zilla seems right to me."

Others, however, leapt to the soon-to-be-married woman's defence. "Sorry, but isn't bridal dress shopping supposed to be about the bride?" XenosTrashBrigade said, noting "It's not like they're looking for prom dresses."

So_I_Sew agreed, highlighting the fact that "wedding dress shops are appointment based."

"It's like bringing your niece to a doctor's appointment and they come up and start asking about something they have going on instead of you at your own appointment," they commented.

Erindaadams, who claimed to be a bridal stylist, also sided with the women, saying that while it was "silly" for them to argue, the mother in law should have "reined in" the teenager.

"The bride only has a set amount of time in an appointment and the appointment should be about the bride," she wrote.

Though this might be an extreme case, wedding planning stress is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a largely common phenomenon. According to a survey by Zola, 72 percent of soon-to-be-married couples used the terms "very" and "extremely" to describe their wedding planning stress.

This stress has manifested itself in any number of memorable viral stories over the past year, whether it's a woman asking her brother to uninvite her ex from his wedding or the bridesmaid who was taken off wedding duties after insisting she wore black.

An unhappy looking bride.
An unhappy looking bride at her dress fitting - a bride-to-be has drawn contrasting responses after her savage take-down of a 15-year-old relative. Krotov/Getty