Bride-to-be Dyes Her Wedding Dress Black and People Say It's an Improvement

A bride-to-be is shunning tradition after hand-dyeing her wedding dress black—and it's inspiring other women to follow suit.

Alyssa Hevern is walking down the aisle on August 13, in South Dakota, to marry her fiancé Taylor John.

The mom-of-two picked up a gorgeous $500 gown from The Bridal Gallery, featuring lace detail, a train, low back and dazzling embellishments.

But the 22-year-old decided she wanted something a bit different—so she dyed the dress black at home.

Hevern has been documenting the DIY fashion journey in a series on TikTok, with her most watched clip amassing more than 16 million views.

Photo of Alyssa Hevern's wedding dress
Photo of Alyssa Hevern's wedding dress after she dyed it black at home. @alyssajeannnn

Using buckets, vinegar, rubber gloves and a lot of patience, Hevern painstakingly colored the dress, dyeing it multiple times to get the desired results.

She filmed each step of the process, as her videos began gaining popularity online.

"I don't even know what the finished product will look like," she previously said, adding: "Can't rush the process!!

She showed off the finished product in a video uploaded on Thursday, as she shared a before-and-after of herself wearing the dress.

Hevern captioned the clip: "I dyed my wedding dress black 3 months before my wedding. Ya'll are making me block my fiancé from this."

The dress reveal shows the lace is a smoky black, while the silky underlayer is a lighter colour. And she later confirmed her bridesmaids will be in a complimentary shade of silver.

"It's definitely still a charcoal gray, or a silvery color. I love it," Hevern wrote.

She told Newsweek: "I was very pulled from tradition since the beginning of wedding planning! I knew from the start I didn't want to wear white. I chose black because of the aesthetic, and the confidence I gained while wearing a black dress!"

Photo of Alyssa Hevern's wedding dress
Photo of Alyssa Hevern's $500 wedding dress before she dyed it black. @alyssajeannnn

In her numerous DIY videos she shared exactly how she dyed the dress for $60, saying: "For every 3 gallons of hot water, add one cup vinegar and one bottle of dye. Make sure your dress is submerged in warm water before adding to dye."

She told Newsweek: "I was very confident that I could make the dress what I wanted so I wasn't too overwhelmed during the process! I knew that I could dye multiple times and change the color each time! I remember seeing the green shine through after the first dye and it made me a little less confident, although I never hated it! This was a "trust the process" moment!"

Hevern added that she soaked the gown for two hours before transferring it to another tub, to which she added one dye fixative solution per every three gallons of water, which she let soak for another two hours.

Finally she rinsed it until the water ran clear—in her shower—then hung it up to dry before repeating the process another two times.

She confirmed she's in love with the result, adding: "I'm am in AWE of the final product! I absolutely love every detail!"

Hevern has been overwhelmed by the response to her dress, as she shared videos responding to people's questions.

She confirmed her family were supportive of the bold fashion statement, and John, who proposed in 2019, knew she was planning on wearing a black dress.

Wedding guests may also have an inkling as to Hevern's fashion choice, as their wedding website says: "Due to a non-traditional choice we ask that black dresses are avoided if possible."

Hevern added her mom bought her all the supplies needed to dye the gown, adding she's been "super supportive throughout the whole process, my whole family has been."

And she explained why she didn't just buy a black frock, saying: "I also wanted to address why I just didn't go buy a black wedding dress, they are expensive. Most of the time they have to be custom-made, and if they're cheap they're not very good quality. Yes my future husband does know and he's super-supportive."

People have fallen in love with the unusual dress online, with Sofia Caloia writing: "Great example of "'trust the process'."

Jacob Lewis wrote: "Okay that dress is better in that color, like way better!!"


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♬ How You Like That - Black

Randi Eckhoff thought: "Honestly at first I was like whyyyy. But it looks so much better black. I hope you have a wonderful day."

While bride-to-be MarchintoMartin admitted: "You've convinced me to do it! We're getting married in October 2022 and that's exactly what I want for my wedding."

Erin Cooper asked: "This is gorgeous, but you must be the bravest person I know to dye a dress that expensive! What if it messed up?! Kudos though it's amazing."

And Emily raved: "Gorgeous! This is amazing and I wish more people would choose colored wedding dresses. You're beautiful and inspiring."

Update 5/24/21, 11 a.m. ET: This article was updated with comment from Alyssa Hevern.