Bride Stunned as Well-Dressed Penguin Attends Wedding as 'Guest'

Charming footage of a bride greeting a penguin that apparently attended her wedding as a guest is lighting up social media.

In a video posted to TikTok by Angela's Premier Event Designs, based in Dayton, Ohio, the bird can be seen waddling toward the bride, who crouches down with arms wide open to greet it.

"You're a penguin," the bride can be heard saying as the penguin approaches her and her groom. "Oh my goodness," she continues.

A wedding bride greets a penguin.
A bride greets a penguin that attended her wedding as a guest at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Ohio. Angelas Premier Events.

Evidently smitten with the happy couple, the penguin bows slightly as he moves closer to the bride, with the pair enjoying something approaching an embrace.

"How many couples can say they had a penguin as a wedding guest?" an on-screen caption reads - and it's difficult to disagree.

With wedding couples increasingly eager to ensure their nuptials stand out from the crowd, this particular bride and groom appear to have made the most of the facilities at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

As the zoo's website notes: "Guests aren't the only wild encounter taking place, as we bring an animal (or two!) right to the party for you."

According to Angela's Premier Events, the bride "literally said this was the BEST part of her day" and "The best part was the cost goes right back to the zoo for the care and conservation of animals so it's a win win!"

Angela Lemke, the owner of Angela's Premier Event Designs, told Newsweek the zoo held a special significance for the bride and groom, Elizabeth and Matt. "They actually had their first date at the Cincinnati Zoo and penguins are her favorite animal," she said. "When they started planning their wedding and met with me, we were hooked on their Zoo/Star Wars theme!"

Lemke said the penguin in the video is called Mira and it was her "first encounter" with a wedding party. "This moment we captured was during a private meet and greet with the penguin," she said. "The couple were overjoyed to get to spend some one-on-one time with the penguin! After their meet and greet, the handlers walked the penguin around during the cocktail hour."

The results proved popular online with the video already racking up 1.5 million views.

Given the penguin's black and white look, Paul_Matthew couldn't help quipping: "Well, they're dressed for the occasion!" Ruster520 went further, writing the bird was the "Best dressed guy there!"

Jennagypsy03 said: "I would have died if that penguin walked up to me. I would be holding it like a baby" with wavesidee in agreement: "I would cry. Petting a penguin is my dream."

Rowan Enzo said the bride's reaction was "everything" while Good Soup added: "I love how respectful she is to not touch them."

Rebecca Harper412, meanwhile, claimed "the bar has just been raised to an all new high" for weddings after watching the video.

Incredibly, this isn't the first time a penguin has played a prominent role in wedding-related proceedings either.

Newport Aquarium in Kentucky offers visitors the chance to pop the question with a "penguin proposal" which offers the chance to get down on one knee in the specially constructed on-site habitat that is home to nearly a dozen African Penguins.

Newsweek has contacted Angela's Premier Events and the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens for comment.

Update 08/03/2022, 4:40 a.m. ET: This article was updated with image and comment from Angela Lemke.